Be Alert, You may be spied from your own Mobile Phone

Cellphone spying explained

image describes cell phone spying software functioning

Be Alert, Nowadays there are many sites which gives paid service for spying cellphones.
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These mobile phone spying services seems to be authentic with good documentation, reasonable claims,demos, giving full support with user forums, spy software packages with various features depending on initial and recurring payments. Most of the sites give live demo of spying too. One can use test with their cell phone and experience the working of the cell phone spying tools. Follow instructions as given in the website and later you can see that all your call logs(missed calls,recieved calls, dialled calls), sms,text messges, email details in their web site demo page.

Even though these sites claim as legal and seek a legitimate cover by advising their users to use the service only for spying cellphones which they own to spy kids for securing them, the ultimate purpose is to track cellphone calls, sms, email, contact lists, call logs, intercept phone calls, spy surrounding voice/conversation etc. The scary thing is that anybody can pay money and use these services to spy cellphones which they have some kind of access.

Some of these sites offers advanced features like spy surrounding noise of a cell phone, intercept phone calls, View location of spied phone etc. But it is practically possible to switch on the mic of a spied cell phone from remote and spy surrounding voices. While intercepting a cell phone, when a call arrives to spied cell phone, the spied cell phone intimates the tracking cell phone and the spying person can anonymously enter into a conference call and hear the conversation from his cell phone or computer. It is also possible to map the location of spied cell phone in google earth and google satelliite maps with these mobile spying tools. Some cell location finder services are available for free too.

How this works and can be prevented? These spying softwares works if two conditions are met, one a spying software is installed in the spied mobile and second the installed spying software has the necessary privilages to execute and communicate with outside(through wifi, gprs etc). Once installed these softwares are untraceable, because they are coded for native OS and well integrates with the system and don't gives any trace by removing installation/communication logs etc. They are very much similar to spywares in Computers (spyware needs above 2 conditions to function as well), only difference is that spyware removal softwares are available for PC, but not yet available for mobiles. Currently the best possible way to get some level of protection is not to leave cell phone unnoticed (sothat some competitor/traitor won't install spy sofware in absense), keep all connections including bluetooth, gprs, wifi under watch. Switch communication on only when required and disconnect after use, authenticate with passwords, have a keen eye at communication logs etc.

Advent of new high speed communication protocols like Edge,2G,3G poses new threats in this arena. A spy software accidentally or deliberately installed in the cellphone can do any thing,danger is unimaginable, for example it is not impossible to switch camera of a smart phone from remote and send video from mobile phone to a remote computer live and spy private moments, even though current spy services don't claim about this.

Want to verify the existence of mobile phone spying services/softwares your selves? Here are the links
1) Link 1
2) Link 2


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