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Filter duplicate data with our free program, you may use the program as you like for personal and commercial use (commercial use is allowed provided we appreciate a link back to this url from from your commercial website, blog, Facebook or social media pages to this url)

Suppose you have lot of raw data like phone numbers, email address, names, place-names list, which contains many duplicate data. One way to filterout the unique data from duplicates is using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet program, or you can save time by using this simple, portable, free program which is intended for this specific purpose.

find duplicate data with this freeware program

Copy the raw data to be filtered in the relevant text box and click "Find Duplicates" button. A progress bar will be shown and the unique data and duplicate data will be put to separate text boxes.

The program requires .NET framework 3.5 to run

please find zipped program from following link. If you like the program we will appreciate a link back to this url

Duplicate Filter program 7z compressed
Duplicate Filter program Zip compressed