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Help me with Marketing by mbinsted

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Mobile Development by senecanking55

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Montana: Stanford, Dartmouth Mailers Broke Campaign Laws (Mitt Romney Daily)...

Venezuela News - Wed, 05/13/2015 - 21:24


Check out @MittRomneyDaily’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MittRomneyDaily/status/598444351165894656?s=09

Montana: Stanford, Dartmouth mailers broke campaign laws http://t.co/ElQe3FERMz http://t.co/pbFup3KONT

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Online Data Entry Jobs -- 2 by noramiksklds98ek

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At This Year's Shareholder Meeting, @WarrenBuffett Told Me About His Rules for Smart Investing (BillGates)...

Venezuela News - Wed, 05/13/2015 - 21:01

Check out @BillGates’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/BillGates/status/598473617475837952?s=09


At this year’s shareholder meeting, @WarrenBuffett told me about his rules for smart investing: http://t.co/8NZrT8LK8u

Naijafreetree 🌍wide© 2015…

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Senate Passes RTW, Now Back to House

World politics news from blogosphere - Wed, 05/13/2015 - 20:22

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri Senate Republicans used a rare procedural motion Tuesday to shut down debate and pass a right-to-work measure – a move Democrats say will bring business to a halt as this week’s deadline to pass bills nears.

The Senate voted 21-13 to approve the bill that prohibits workplace contracts in which union fees are collected from nonmembers. Supporters say it would attract more businesses to Missouri and improve the state’s economy.

The motion to force a vote hadn’t been used since 2014, when it was employed to override Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of a measure tripling the waiting period for abortions. Prior to that, it had not been used since 2007.

The right-to-work legislation, which opponents say could lead to lower wages and make training more difficult, now goes back to the state House, which passed a similar version earlier this year. A final House vote would send the bill to Nixon, who has indicated he likely would veto it.

Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard, a Joplin Republican, had said the right-to-work issue was a priority of his and would be handled before anything else as Friday’s deadline to approve bills approaches. But Democratic Sen. Scott Sifton of St. Louis County called Republicans’ use of the motion “the nuclear option.”

“This session has already gone badly enough for working Missourians. We can’t allow it to get any worse,” Sifton said.

He and other Democrats, in an attempt to block any other moves by the Republicans, were forcing roll-call votes on multiple motions on Tuesday.

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Basingstoke election night

World politics news from blogosphere - Wed, 05/13/2015 - 20:21

Hampshire Court was hosting the Basingstoke election count on the 7th May. When entering the vast room, usually tennis courts, there were tables ready for the counters to take up their seats.

At 10.19pm, the first ballot box arrived at the venue from Maple Durwell. Whilst the boxes began arriving, the postal votes were being verified in the main hall. As the ballot boxes began to fill the left hand side of the room, the sound of shuffling and BBC coverage of the Election in the background made the long night ahead seem very real and exciting.


By 3am, all of the MP candidates were in attendance, with Maria Miller being the last to arrive.

When I arrived, there was a strong feeling of support for Labour, with red badges on a lot of chests, followed by an undertone of yellow for the Liberal Democrats, and then a few purple badges for UKIP. However, when Miller arrived, there was a sudden sea of blue following in her wake. Mainly from her family holding signs with ‘Conservative’ and ‘Maria Miller’ in bold capitals.

Hampshire Court provided free coffee, tea, water and biscuits for all Candidates, Councillors, supporters, media, and the counters. The table was never alone, with many individuals helping themselves to coffee to keep them awake, as no one truly knew what time the declaration would be.

There were thousands of votes to count, as Basingstoke and Deane is a large constituency. By 3.30am almost all of the counts had begun, and everyone was anticipating when the declaration would be. There were strong opinions that the Conservatives would hold the position, although Maria Miller was in an expenses scandal in 2014, there was discussion that she may lose a few votes.

One Liberal Democrat Councillor I spoke to was Gavin James, who informed me that all of the counts had begun. It was lucky that I had spoken and introduced myself to Mr James, as he soon became my friendly source for updates, and at 4.40am Mr James told me that the declaration would begin in roughly half an hour, which allowed time to set up and be ready.

By 5.08am all of the candidates; Paul Harvey (Labour), Janice Spalding (Lib Dem), Alan Stone (UKIP) and Maria Miller (Con) were stood in place on the stage. At around 5.10am, Returning Officer Mayor Cllr Roger Gardiner declared that Maria Miller of the Conservative party had received 25,769 votes, making Miller the winner, gaining 179 more votes than she did in 2010.


When asked whether she planned to return to Cabinet, Miller stated that “for me, the most important job for anybody to have is to be a Member of Parliament representing their community in Westminster, that’s my first priority, that they have effective and strong representative in Westminster.”

Discussing what her other main priorities are for the next five years as MP, Miller claimed “…to make sure any future growth is sustainable, to get the investment we need, and I think that’s why we have such a compelling message for Basingstoke, because we’re seeing record levels of investment in education…and Conservatives have a very strong reputation for delivering.”

On being elected again, she said “It’s always very humbling when you put yourself forward for election and people decide to vote for you. Every single decision is independent and you have to fight for those votes, and to get such a strong result here in Basingstoke is wonderful and I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure that I effectively represent the people of Basingstoke in Westminster.”


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The Conservative Cabinet

World politics news from blogosphere - Wed, 05/13/2015 - 20:20

So the Conservatives have managed to get enough seats to form a majority government in the recent election, now we as a country are waiting for his Queen’s Speech where David Cameron will announce what he intends to do over the next five years and how he intends to do it. He has also begun to organise his cabinet, and so far I’d say the major roles look worrying.

George-OsborneGeorge Osborne has returned as Chancellor of the Exchequer, this means he’s in charge of the economy. Osborne did not study any type of economics at university, I don’t know how many businesses would place someone in charge of their accounts who had been a history student but apparently that combined with signing death certificates qualifies a person to control a country’s economy. Obviously any Chancellor of the Exchequer has economic advisors to aid him in his decision making although I would question their skills. The Conservatives vowed to substantially cut the deficit (fancy word for national debt) by 2015 in reality they have run up more public debt than all the Labour governments since 1900 combined. These figures worsen when you fact in inflation.

Theresa-May_2508509bTheresa May will be returning as Home Secretary, placing her in charge of the Home office, if you’re not picking up on the repetition of home meaning she’s in charge of home affairs like policing ect then I can’t really give you a clearer definition. May has overseen major spending cuts to emergency services, these cuts are made necessary by the deficit and further cuts will be required during the Conservative’s next five years. These cuts will lead to further job losses and put strain on the already overstretched emergency services. After the 2011 riots because of the death of Mark Duggan, May announced that she would end the persecution of young black men in England. Furthermore she intends to expel international students from Britain after graduation, despite criticism that it is short-term and will damage the economy. Immigration is a big topic but it’s often forgotten that immigrants are not stealing all of your jobs or benefits, immigrants prop up the NHS and fill the growing shortages of qualified scientists and engineers in Britain.

IDSIain Duncan Smith has returned as the Secretary for Work and Pensions. Sanctions and the benefits cap have punished the poor seeing the number of people with mental health issues soar. Conservative policies have allowed people to become caught up in a cycle of poverty that is impossible to get out of as illustrated by the increase of families using food banks with the Trussell Trust (a charity) gave 1,084,604 people a three days food supply. He oversaw the passing of the bedroom tax which cuts the amount of benefit that people can get if they are deemed to have a spare bedroom in their council or housing association home. The bedroom tax hits disabled people the hardest as they tend to live on lower incomes and they are suffering despite the Prime Minister saying that they would be exempted, many of them are still expected to pay. The bedroom tax has led to many families cutting back on essentials such as food and heating according to research from the National Housing Federation. Smith is pro zero hour contracts. The primary issue with zero hours contracts being that while it technically means that an individual is in employment, hence why unemployment figures have improved, they exploit out of work people desperate for a job. They mean that an individual does not get steady employment, can be called into work for an hour or two and continue to rely on supplementary living allowance because the infrequency of their work means they do not earn enough to pay their rent or bills. Although zero-hours contracts have been labelled as good for students as they are flexible to their studying commitments, I would disagree. Some of the students I know would argue that they feel pressured to take work when offered even if it is inconvenient because managers have an attitude that they are expendable and are unlikely to offer them work again for some time. Although this could be put down to bad managers taking advantage of the contracts it cannot be denied that the nature of the zero-hours contracts allows this attitude to take root.

Jeremy-HuntJeremy Hunt is back as the Health Secretary, in charge of the National Health Service. Every election the Conservatives claim that the NHS is safe in their hands. But yet again under the Conservatives we have seen the deterioration of the NHS with increased waiting times, cancelled operations increasing and declining care standards. The get the NHS out of the hole it has been driven into by cuts ect we hear the word privatisation being bashed around. In March this year there was a £700million sell-off of Staffordshire cancer services. And the threat of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which would give US corporations unprecedented access to the NHS and irrevocably cement the sell-out of the NHS to corporate interests. Currently David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt have not come out saying whether or not they will take the agreement but if they were to we can say goodbye to free healthcare.

70f5cacb967a47cebb1668c74c96aeed-2Michael Gove has been named Justice Secretary. After his messy run as Education Secretary which earned him almost universal hatred he is now trying his hand at Justice Secretary. Already the rumour mill has been hard at work suggesting that Gove intends to scrap the Human Rights Act and this is less than a week into the Conservative government. Gove has also said in the past that we should bring back hanging in this country. So far none of these things have come to pass so it’s unjust to judge him by things he has said in the past when he’s not had a go at this role yet. But if his track record is anything to go by he may still end up hated.

There are some other smaller roles where the people appointed I would highlight as a cause for concern, including tomlinsonJustin Tomlinson who has been appointed minister for disabled people in the department of work and pensions despite having supported the bedroom tax, voted against the long-term sick and disabled receiving Employment and Support Allowance on the same basis as if they had made sufficient National Insurance contributions , voting against allowing benefits to increase in line with prices. Apparently he’s not brimming with compassion for the plight of disabled people.

Obviously this is not a total breakdown or play by play of everything these individuals have done over the last 5 years and I won’t deny that with newspapers the main source of my information it’s rather difficult to find all the positives, assuming there are some. I’m obviously not happy with the current government, I’m devastated the Conservatives gained a majority and david-cameron-cabinetDavid Cameron claiming in his conveniently televised first cabinet meeting that they were following “blue collar conservatism” and a focus on opportunity and compassion could be considered comforting were I not convinced that it was all for show, he was not obligated to televise the meeting and doing so to me appears a tactical public representation move.

Finally I want to mention this article that I’ve seen floating around on social media. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/labour/11597436/Stop-your-whinging-why-the-Left-are-such-bad-losers.html enhanced-buzz-wide-27088-1431200283-7Now on no level would I or do I ever condone the desecration or vandalism of anything for the sake of personal or political means. I never even wrote my name on a desk at school. Although would like to state that I consider graffiti art. And I would never take anything the telegraph to heart as it’s a right-wing paper. But I’d like to respond to the article.

Why are the left such bad losers, well to start with we genuinely thought we had a chance. But mostly, the reason people are protesting in Bristol today and marched on Downing Street on Saturday is because… they’re scared. People are scared by what they experienced in the last five years and are even more scared by what they may now face. Fear that is all, fear.

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Assembly to vote on limiting food stamp purchases

World politics news from blogosphere - Wed, 05/13/2015 - 20:19

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Food stamp recipients in Wisconsin would be limited in the types of food they buy, including how much of their allotment can be spent on junk food, under a bill up for a vote in the state Assembly.

The Assembly plans to vote on the Republican-sponsored measure Wednesday.

The bill requires food stamp recipients to use at least two-thirds of their monthly benefits to purchase nutritional foods such as beef, chicken and produce.

Supporters say they want to prevent public benefits being used on junk food.

Users would also be barred from buying crab, lobster, shrimp and other shellfish.

The change requires a federal waiver, which no state has ever received.

The Assembly passed a similar bill last session but it never got a vote in the Senate.

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Attack, Slaughter and Enslave: Gimme That Old Time Religion?

World politics news from blogosphere - Wed, 05/13/2015 - 20:19

To understand the cultural forces propelling ISIS, analysts turn to the 18th century and the rise of Wahhabism. Unfortunately for Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who wanted to reform Islam without violence, his movement was taken up for political reasons by Muhammad Ibn Saud, who, like any self-respecting desert chieftain, sought to take over as much of the world as possible.

Ikhwan off to conquer

Ikhwan off to conquer

Ibn Saud succeeded with the help of Bedouins (the Ikhwan) who added Wahhab’s reformist zeal to Saud’s powerlust and their own long-standing tradition of attack, slaughter and enslave. Now the neighbors were not just targets for booty but unbelievers, and so Allah was fine with their throats being cut, their women confiscated and their children murdered.

Oh, those dastardly Wahhabis! That hypocritical Ibn Saud! Those barbarous Ikwhan! It was bad and then it got worse, because the House of Saud was established in partnership with the bloody Wahhabi clerics and the full support of the USofA. With characteristic modesty, they named the country after themselves-Saudi Arabia. Then it got still worse, because trillions of oil dollars flowed to the House of Saud, their thousands of “royal” offspring and those bloody Wahhabi clerics.

Extreme and violent Islam, now funded up the ying-yang by petrodollars, spread over a vast region, building mosques, opening schools, setting up clerical authorities and stomping out rival versions of Islam. Oh, curse the fate that brought this ugly, warlordy movement into power in the 18th century!

ISIS off to conquer

ISIS off to conquer

Except it didn’t start in the 18th century. Attacking, slaughtering and enslaving your neighbor goes back much, much further than that. Attacking, slaughtering and enslaving your neighbors was normal, standard operating procedure for many thousands of years. It goes back at least to the supposedly glorious days of King David and Solomon, who also wanted to take over as much of the world as possible.

The Old Testament presents an honestly sordid story of the “chosen people” in the bad old days. One warlord attacks another with monotonous regularity and either steals their land or leaves them on their land to hew wood, haul water and pay tribute.

Here are just a few excerpts:

Jabez said,  “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!” (1 Chronicles 4:10)

“They attacked the Hamites in their dwellings and also the Meunites who were there and completely destroyed them…Then they settled in their place…” (1 Chronicles 4:41)

“They seized the livestock of the Hagrites…camels, sheep and donkeys. They also took one hundred thousand people captive, 22 and many others fell slain.” (1 Chronicles 5:21)

“In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah.” (2 Samuel 11:1)

What do you do in the spring? You go off to war. It is the tradition, the norm. It’s morality is never questioned and has not been so questioned until fairly recently. It continues to this day; the ‘chosen people’ are still stealing land and the desert warlords are still raiding their neighbors.

But some question: Didn’t Jesus say, “Treat others as you want to be treated?” I don’t want to be attacked, slaughtered and enslaved, therefore…

Please note: Religion is not the cause of these depredations. It is the tool.

Look elsewhere for the cause.



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