How NOT to be a man

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Alex Jones is currently challenging Piers Morgan to a boxing match and says he wants to box the hell out of him: http://www.infowars.com/alex-jones-re-issues-challenge-to-box-coward-piers-morgan/ , stating : “You know, Morgan, that I will literally beat the hell out of you!”


The reason the 9/11 truth movement is not getting anywhere is because it is dominated by testosterone fuelled raving morons like Alex Jones – that when push comes to shove, turn to cowardly chickens just to do the bidding of the ‘powers that be’.  Alex Jones is clearly just a thug who even threatens to box women, but he only ever does a good job of acting like a raving lunatic clown to discredit the REAL truth movement.  He shills about practically everything – particularly concerning 9/11 truth, and labels people who believe in fake planes on 9/11 as being mental.  So goodbye Alex Jones – as you’ve just killed any little credibility that you ever had, and proved once again to everyone how NOT to be a man, so you can ditch this stupid advert for a start:


be a man



Jackie Chan sings the Mulan song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”  (Chinese):


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The Spy Next Door

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I might class this as a science fiction movie because it has a little bit of science and a whole lot of fiction – and because any excuse is good enough to watch and write about Jackie Chan.

The Spy Next Door looks like the kind of movie that would have been intended as a vehicle for Vin Diesel or Arnie back in the day, in which case it would not have been worth a second glance. Tough guy+cute kids=yawnfest.

spy chan pan

Jackie Chan – I can’t cook noodles in these!

But that it’s a Jackie Chan vehicle makes it a lot more interesting. For one thing, Chan is not your stereotypical tough guy. As Chris Tucker repeatedly reminded him in the Rush Hour movies, he’s not tall, or muscle bound. As Chan said himself, he’s cute, like Snoopy. So right there this movie breaks the mold. He looks comfortably nerdish in his Clark Kent disguise, and still moves like a whip when he becomes the master spy.

The next surprise is the kids – usually so unbearable so as to make you throw your popcorn at the screen, this bunch is surprisingly likeable. Sure, they make their stepfather-to-be’s life hell, but there’s a lot more character development than is usual, and these kids are actually lifelike. Madeleine Carroll, Will Shadley and cute little Alina Foley give great performances. You still want to throttle them occasionally, but no more than your own kids.

Wisely, the fiance/mother (Amber Valetta) is swept out of sight on a family mission early in the piece, thereby setting up Jackie just to interact with the kids. Yes, it’s a cliché, but this time it really works. Jackie uses his spy tools to help him cope and there are genuinely funny scenes of him struggling with oatmeal, sitting through an episode of bedtime sugar rush, and dealing with an unwanted boyfriend (who turns out to be far more than he seems).

Another pleasant surprise is Billy Ray Cyrus as Chan’s sidekick. It’s good to see the achey breaky guy making such strides in his acting career. Miley, take a bow, you showed us that your dad is a very good comedy actor.

spy cyrus


Billy Ray – not bad, dad

The villains are in a class by themselves. Anyone who doesn’t crack up at the arch villain Poldark’s parade of inappropriate outfits must be made of stone. Magnus Scheving is perfect in the role. Kids will recognise the Icelandic actor as Sportacus in Lazy Town, but adults will be thrilled with his comedic talent in this movie.

spy magnus


“How quickly can you get me orange jumpsuit?”

Katherine Boecher as Creel, a Russian terrorist in a fearsome blonde wig is side splitting. But one of the funniest moments may be unintentional, when the CIA mole tells Jackie he has to kill the family because “they’ve seen too much.” What? The whole neighbourhood saw it!

The Chan charm is legendary but doesn’t always work well in a standard Hollywood movie – The Tuxedo is a case in point. However, when it does work, as in The Spy Next Door and Rush Hour, it is irresistible.


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Jackie Chan films

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I just found this which I completely forgot to post! It’s from my Jackie Chan phase I went thr
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JJCC early debut?

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JJCC, pronounced Double JC, is a new group that is set to debut any day now. Well they actually debuted on M! Countdown. So i guess they debuted early. I thought they were debuting on Sunday. I guess not. They are managed by Jackie Chan the action star. Who doesn’t love Jackie Chan? I haven’t yet put a names to the faces but one of the teaser video’s does put a name to the face for you. But the members are SimBa, E.co, EDDY, San-Cheong and Prince Mak. The group has released two “official” teasers, a random video and now here is their debut stage. The first teaser video only shows four members because Prince Mak was i guess sick or hurt so he was not able to shoot the teaser and i also wanna say the music video. But he will be with them for their debut performance. The second teaser video is the one that puts a name with the faces. The third video is just a random video. it shows the members in what i would assume is Jackie Chan’s private jet looking comfortable wearing normal clothes and no makeup. Then the last video is their debut stage on M! Countdown. I thought they were making their debut on Inkigayo this coming sunday. Their debut song is called “At First”.

My reaction to their debut is they have nice voices. I know that the vocals sound different in the music video/album and during live performances. Well i can;t wait to see the music video.

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They're Here!

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Woah woah woah hold up. I thought JJCC was supposed to debut on the 24th? Did I get wrong information or did they just brought up the date? Anyway, I’m not complaining! They had their debut stage on M!Countdown with At First and was smooth as fuck! I still haven’t matched the names to faces. I only know Simba because I fell in love when I heard that deep voice at 1:02 and did some research. They also released their first MV teaser.
I really need to keep up.

“Imagine jackie chan whispering ‘jackie chan’ at the beginnig of the jjcc debut music video kind of like jyp” -amayalynnsalvatore
Lmao! I so want to hear that!

And the Lion King references are here

And the Lion King references are here

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Jackie Chan produced K-pop group set to debut this month

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RocketNews 24:



Earlier this year international action star Jackie Chan had been making some unusual appearances in the South Korean media. First, on the red carpet for Police Story 2013 he blurted out “I’m half Korean!” Although it was later revealed to be a metaphorical sentiment lost in translation, the statement ruffled some feathers back in China.

Later that month, Chan appeared on a South Korean variety show where he confessed to having a love affair with a Korean woman for eight years in his younger days of working as a stuntman. So why is Jackie Chan showing so much love for Korea these days?

It was revealed on 10 March that over the past few years Jackie Chan and associates have been hard at work constructing this new group. Chan himself is said to have been very hands-on in all aspects from member selection, training, and album production.

A spokesperson from the upcoming group revealed, “The work towards a formal debut is complete. All the passion and sweat that has been put in over the years has gone into making this a debut that will leave a strong impression in the minds of fans.”

The group’s name is JJCC and is said to consist of five men in their 20s, four of them South Korean and one Chinese. All men are over 180cm (5’11”).

In recent years K-pop has been aggressively targeting an international audience resulting in growing success for the genre. This is clearly a potentially lucrative investment for the 56-year-old martial artist who’s got to be looking for paydays that no longer involve rolling down mountains in a giant plastic ball or getting run over by a hovercraft.

We’ll have to wait and see if Chan’s latest venture pays off when JJCC hits the scene later this month.

Source: Sanspo (Japanese)


Check out this link:

Jackie Chan produced K-pop group set to debut this month

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Divergent's Maggie Q letter perfect as passive action star With Video

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LOS ANGELES — Initially, Maggie Q seems pleasant and playful as she takes her seat in a Beverly Hills, Calif., hotel suite. But you get the feeling Q would be a handful if you messed with her.

Maybe it has something to do with all those episodes in which she portrayed a vengeful assassin in the acclaimed series Nikita.

Certainly, the looming sense of power she exudes makes her perfectly cast to play Tori Wu in the film version of Veronica Roth’s popular sci-fi novel Divergent.

In the Neil Burger-directed movie version of the dystopian book, Tori befriends the protagonist Tris (Shailene Woodley), who is being trained as a Dauntless officer.

If Tris graduates, she becomes a member of the law-and-order brigade in the post-apocalyptic city-state of Chicago.

As things develop, it is obvious Tori and Tris are keeping secrets but there seems to be an unspoken bond shared by the two, who might be doomed to be eliminated in the brave new world.

Actress Maggie Q attends  the Divergent debut in Los Angeles.

Actress Maggie Q attends the Divergent debut in Los Angeles.

Normally that would be a cue for Q to leap into battle halfway through the movie, but fans might have to wait for her kicks and jumps in Insurgent, based on the second novel in the Divergent trilogy, set to start filming later in the year.

It’s a change of pace to see Q in laid-back mode, but the 34-year-old embraced the Divergent challenge of hinting at what is to come.

“The balance was the fine line between what’s felt and what’s expressed,” Q says of her portrayal.

Q was born Margaret Denise Quigley in Honolulu, Hawaii. She did some modelling in Tokyo as a teenager before being discovered by Jackie Chan. Multiple Asian chop-socky flicks followed as well as a co-starring part in Rush Hour 2.

Next she had high-profile roles in Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible III and Bruce Willis’s Live Free or Die Hard, and then the Nikita series beckoned.

Fans are hoping Q will have more to do in the next two films of Roth’s novels.

“I hope so, too,” she says. “Action for me is an expression of who I am.”

In the sci-fi conceit of Divergent, societies exist in five separate factions. In real life, Q is a domineering Dauntless type but she is also bright, which would make her suited for the Erudite clan.

She also has Abnegation qualities; she’s a selfless animal rights activist. Plus she’s a straight talker, which would make her perfect for The Candor category.

Yet when asked what faction she most identifies with in real life, Q doesn’t hesitate: Dauntless all the way for her.

“Who doesn’t want to express that recklessness?” Q says. “I think there is a recklessness inside all of us.”

Next up for Q is the demanding role of Ching Shih in the limited-run series Red Flag.

Set in the early 1800s, the show profiles Shih, a real-life Chinese prostitute who became one of the most feared pirates on the South China Sea.

Q’s already training for the part and will report for active duty soon.

“It’s one of those passion projects I can’t wait to start,” she says.

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JJCC to take part in 'Dream Team 2'

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On 19th, JJCC will be recording for the popular variety show ‘Dream Team’, becoming ‘sports idols’. JJCC’s agency expressed that “This show marked the start of JJCC’s official schedules. They have trained for years and are all prepared now. They will show everyone the uniqueness of JJCC”.

Source : StarHallyu

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Top 15 Facts to BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

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Hello interweb, it’s Nate here.  So there’s been a few videos out there doing the whole “facts to blow your mind” thing, and I really like random facts.  So here is my personal facts list, here we go.


  • Must be a fascinating fact
  • Many of these will not need elaborations as the facts may be straight forward
  • No specific order
  • These facts are mostly searched from the internet, and we know how reliable that can be, so if some of these “facts” aren’t accurate, I apologize ahead of time

Don't believe the internet meme

# 15 The rubics cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations

#14 Getting struck by lightning raises skin to over 50,000°F

That’s hotter than the surface of the sun

#13 An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain

#12 The Happy Birthday song is copyrighted

The 120 year old song Happy Birthday is supposedly copyrighted by Warner Chappell Music and the company claims that unauthorized public performances of the song are technically illegal unless royalties are paid to Warner.  So basically, everyone has been breaking the law for every birthday party we’ve gone to, yay!

#11 The average lead pencil can draw a line that reaches 35 miles long

#10 All elephants walks on their tip-toes

This is because the back of their feet is made up of all fat and no bones

#9 A giraffe can go longer without water than a camel can

#8 Whips were the first human invention that creates a sonic boom

This is because the tip of the whip can travel faster that the speed of sound, which explains the loud “CRACK!” you hear when a whip goes off.

#7 Jackie Chan’s father is a spy and his mother is a drug smuggler

In fact (pun unintended), that’s how they met as his father arrested his mother for smuggling illegal drugs

#6 The artificial sweetener: Splenda, was created when a command to “test this chemical” was misheard as “taste this chemical”

#5 Under high enough pressures, peanut butter can be turned into diamonds

#4 Only 8% of the world’s money exists in physical form

92% is in computers

#3 Technically speaking, the brain named itself and a physicist studying atoms is just a bunch of atoms studying themselves

#2 An atom is approximately 99.99% of empty space

This makes the majority of the universe is nothing.  I mean seriously, 99.99% of you is literally nothingness

#1 Clownfish can change there gender

If the female of the group dies, the dominate male of the group becomes a female

End Thoughts/Announcements

Well they say you learn something new everyday and today you just learned 15 somethings!  Unless you knew some of this information a head of time.  I want to give a shout out to mk109 as he has made the first viewer request on this blog!  His request was for me to review Disney’s Lab Rats, so if you like comedy sitcoms, come check that out.  I’m also working on my first song parody, I won’t record it but I will put the lyrics up here when I’m done.  so if you like Pokemon and you liked the movie Tangled, come check that out.  Peace XD

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"Avantage" chanson zuying de Jackie fierté Insider (photo)

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“Avantage” song zuying exaltation de Jackie à l’intérieur (figure).

Texte : Pan Zuoqiu vers la droite…

Ha ha ha. Une nouvelles potins, sûrement, nous savons tous quelques jours il y a et song zuying intime photos du frère de Jackie Chan. Oui, en rapport à cette situation, en ces jours de fermentation. Cependant, aujourd’hui une heureuse coïncidence, les Parties a parlé à son frère aîné de Jackie…

Jackie Chan en réponse aux nouvelles étroitement avec song zuying, blunt: “le jour, j’étais derrière elle, vous êtes, en fait j’étais habitué à elle, je le fais chaque fois, mais cette fois elle a été faite. ”。.

En voyant une telle explication, j’étais déprimé. Fans de voir les commentaires, délibérément à la recherche de commentaires du site majeur sur ces nouvelles. Faire ne sais pas, un sursaut de l’oeil. Garçon, gens n’achètent pas Jackie Chan frère Bill. Certaines formulations de la bouche, vulgaire, je suis gêné de le dire, il est clair que Jackie ce PR n’est pas en place, faire paraître sans valeur…

Frère aîné bully chanson zuying de Jackie, présenter des excuses et puis donne l’herbe, je pense qu’il y a trois explications…

Tout d’abord, est la vraie nature de l’homme frère de Jackie Chan, vraiment habitué à l’intimité. Dire Jackie Chan, frère loup, je pense trop. Après tout, il a fait ces mouvements sur l’actrice ‘. Un bâton sur le frère aîné le coup même pas de Jackie, nous l’avons expliqué pour lui, la description de l’opportunité, à en juger par sa réponse, vraiment, je me sens comme il a fait sortir l’actrice était un passe-temps, comme il dit, j’étais habitué à elle, mais cette fois ma chance, a été photographié par les médias…

Deuxièmement, Jackie mépris des règles de conduite. Song zuying et Jackie Chan dans l’ouverture deux sessions, puis Jackie est descendu song zuying, dois dire courage Jackie n’est pas grande, nous savons tous que Jackie CHAN pour se faire connaître est « descendants du Dragon », nous avons toujours attention à l’étiquette, les gens surtout chinois est une connotation de l’étiquette. Bien que, Chan a grandi à Hong Kong, mais sur le territoire continental, les Romains, à en juger par les résultats, Jackie ne permettait pas, alors le bollocking…

Troisièmement, l’absence de Chan d’attention à l’image publique. Jackie sex song zuying, au milieu du tumulte. Comme, homme de divertissement de grand patron, Jackie ne fait pas attention à votre image. La vie de Jackie est une belle vie, il y a tellement de bons films, ses fans partout dans le monde. Nous imiter et à apprendre après que Jackie, seulement pour trouver qu’aucun intérêt, frère aîné de Jackie Randy, ne faire pas attention à l’image, tel un personnage public, comment peut apprendre. Donc, je voudrais réduire l’attentat à la pudeur après actrice Jackie Chan frère négatif donc des conséquences pour un…

PS: entrevue avec Jackie Wu Qili, une femme, demander à son frère combien grand. Wu Qili blunt: “me passer quelque chose, pourquoi vous me demandez. “En outre, après la chanson zuying, animateur, Claude, trop, frère Jackie était indécente agressé, pour voler la des journaux…

Coopération colonne contribuant writer/Web publicité/artistes/courtier/médias /…

Planification de divertissement…

Veuillez communiquer avec:…

163 (boîte aux lettres):…


QQ:363109052 (Liens annotés, tchat avec personne non perturbé)…

Jeunesse devrait être en fleurs…

Test jeu : période des trois royaumes qui était votre meilleur copain!…

Constellation crédible de secret…

“Avantage” chanson zuying de Jackie fierté Insider (photo)

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JJCC reveals the inside of Jackie Chan's private jet

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On 17th, JJCC members revealed a video clip of themselves in Jackie Chan’s private jet via their official youtube channel. The video is self-taken by JJCC members revealing the luxury interior of plane. Jackie Chan was also spotted in the video, taking the plan together with JJCC.

JJCC will be debuting via various music shows in Korea next week.

Source : StarHallyu

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More details of JJCC members revealed

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JJCC (Double JC), a soon to debut group personally managed by Jackie Chan has caught the eyes of many, not only Kpop loving fans but also fans of Jackie Chan. So, here are some of the details of JJCC members revealed by news.

Eddy started his training under Jackie Chan since 10 years ago, is a very representative figure of ‘Jackie Chan Kids’.
Prince Mak is an Australian-Chinese, he was selected after winning at a Chinese variety show ‘Survival’. He also obtained awards from Australia and Hong Kong’s singing and dance contests.
SimBa and E.co debuted in Korea as fashion models.
Sam Cheong is the maknae of the group, talented in composing, in a singer-songwriter.

JJCC will unveil their full length MV ‘Everyone is Like That at First’ on 24th March.

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140312 EXO, Siwon, and Kim Hee Sun invited to Jackie Chan's 60th birthday charity concert in Beijing

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EXO, Super Junior‘s Siwon, and actress Kim Hee Sun have been invited to attend Jackie Chan‘s charity concert in honor of his 60th birthday!

 According to an exclusive by MBN, Jackie Chan turns 60 years old on April 7 and his son Jaycee Chan will be throwing his birthday bash, which will be held in both Beijing and Shanghai from April 6-10. The birthday party will be in the form of a charity concert ‘2014 Peace & Love & Friendship‘, and EXO and Kim Hee Sun were invited to attend the party to be held at Beijing Workers’ Stadium on April 6. According to The Jackie Chan Group Korea, Super Junior’s Siwon was also invited to attend.


Kim Hee Sun has been known to be friends with Jackie Chan since they co-starred in the 2005 film ‘The Myth‘, and EXO are also known to be friends of the superstar. Jackie Chan’s upcoming boy group JJCC will be performing at the concert as well.


SM Entertainment told Newsen on the 12th, “EXO will attend this concert. All twelve members will perform on stage.” Kim Hee Sun’s agency rep told Newsen, “Due to her drama schedule, she is currently discussing it. Because of her friendship with Jackie Chan and because the charity concert is for a good cause, she will try to make it [to the event].”

 Jackie Chan has been showing his love for Korea through his various broadcast appearances and is continuing to make waves with his boy group JJCC, who are slated to debut this month!

source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/03/exo-siwon-and-kim-hee-sun-invited-to-jackie-chans-60th-birthday-charity-concert-in-beijing

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DSC01038We usually got bored and the default destination was your nearest mall to stroll around and enjoy that free air-con (specially when summer time comes hehe) until you get hungry but don’t want to eat on the same fast food chain. This always happen to us not until we found the Karate Kid on the 2nd flr. SM Megamall Bldg. A, which help solve our problems on where to dine-in and eat a different kinds of food, not just fries, spaghetti and burgers.

DSC01039Nope it is not a title of a famous movie, nor a superhero in the making, or the son of Will Smith portraying a kid with a great karate skills, KARATE KID is a fast food chain, offers Japanese food with unlimited rice on there menu.

DSC01037The food presentation was very nice, plating expertise was taken seriously by their chef, just looking at it makes you feel hungry, the foods were definitely worth the price. We ordered a Pork Tonkatsu and Ebi Fryudon (Php 115.00 each) with a default red tea drinks they called Kido Punch Tea (bottomless available) you can change it though to soft-drinks or other beverages that you like, the only cons were the serving time, you really have to wait for a while to eat. That’s just two of those food variations that they offer on there menu. The menu was overwhelming, I bet you’ll have a hard time on choosing what to eat and what to order, so for those first timers, I recommend you order and choose from their Katsudon meals.

DSC01040Karate Kid was definitely a must go to place  if you’re craving for Japanese foods. With so many food variations on there menu along with that budget friendly price plus an unlimited rice offering, you can never go wrong on choosing to dine-in on these place.  From noodles to burgers, and rice meals to desserts, they have it all on Karate Kid.  I wonder why this place called Karate Kid? Do they back flip or screaming “hay-yah!!!” while preparing there food? That will be awesome if they do :D nyahahaha.


Address; 2/F SM Megamall, Bldg. A, Doña Julia Vargas Ave. Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

Web Site;



Operating Hours; 10am to 10pm

Cost; Php 400.00 for two people (approx.) Cash and Credit Cards accepted

Cuisine;  Japanese

Thanks for Reading! You can subscribe to this blog by email via the prompt on the sidebar. Let me know what you think through the comment box below.

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JJCC, the Stars of Jackie Chan

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Wonder what’s up with Jackie Chan these days? Well, he’s now managing a boy band in the K-pop genre called JJCC or something like Jackie ‘join cultures’ Chan as Billboard and Alex Moore of deathandtaxes believed what it meant to be.


Hmm… the group’s name sounds good and easy to recall, though the assumed meaning of it as in “join cultures” (okay, good intentions) inserted between his name doesn’t sort of blend well.


No, not saying that Jackie’s got a bad rep, but that there is just no rhythm to it. So, JJCC or Double JC is enough.. besides, the members are not simply good-looking (including hair and style that goes well with their appearance) but talented enough to make a big splash on the entertainment scene.

As reported, each one of them could do just about anything you would want from a singer – sing, dance, rap, and write songs – plus, they speak 3 languages as in English, Korean, and Chinese. Oh, that’s good especially for the fans.


And yes, made up of 4 Koreans (SimBa, E.co, EDDY, and San-cheong) and a Chinese-Australian in Prince Mak, all in their early 20s.. the group is currently busy preparing for their album debut this March 24.

Boy, can’t wait to see them strut their wares on their promotional tours!

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Hong Kong Slice of Life

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When I saw the Reggae Kung Fu poster, I asked my friend, a native of Hong Kong, if Jackie Chan was in town. I meant it as a joke. He didn’t laugh. He took me seriously.

“No. Unfortunately, Jackie Chan is not in town.” He said it as if he knew, at all times, where Jackie Chan actually was. And, he seemed disappointed he could not take me to meet Jackie Chan. He didn’t mention any Reggae artists.

Humor, especially with sarcasm, doesn’t translate well, mine, or his. My friend told me how much he loves Jackie Chan, how much the people of Hong Kong love Jackie Chan. But, he said, the movies made in Hong Kong look different than the movies made in the US.

“What’s the difference,” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he said. “They’re just different.”

He tried to show me some examples. Grittier, dirtier, darker, faster, more martial arts. “American movies make Hong Kong look…cleaner.”

“Show me your Hong Kong.”

He tried to. I think. The sites we filmed and photographed were carefully selected. I spent nearly a week in Hong Kong, this time, and I still don’t think I’ve seen the city, the ‘real’ city. After all, I couldn’t give a one sentence description. Big, tall, vibrant, energizing, fast paced, harried, smelly, busy, clean, dirty… I could use a dictionary and never run out of adjectives to describe Hong Kong. It is all of those things, and more. So, bear with me. I photographed the things I could see. Slice of Life? I hope so…

Reggae Kung Fu ActionOnly in Hong Kong could you synthesize Reggae music with Kung Fu action. You might even see Jackie Chan.ShopKeeperWhile waiting for customers, a shopkeeper checks her device.After School SnacksThree children snack on the way home from school.School GirlsSchool just let out. Who had a good day? Who had a bad day?Girl reading by a wallI couldn’t read the posters, but it did seem like a good place to read.Clear Path Digestive CareOutside a Hong Kong apothecary, a sign suggests a slippery slope to regularity.Two Boys WalkingMatching sweats and jackets create some style on the Hong Kong streetsSchool GirlSchool uniforms are an important part of life for young people in Hong Kong.New ConstructionThis is how the build those massive skyscrapers.Hong Kong SlumsOver crowding is part of life in Hong Kong, especially in the poor sections.ApartmentsThey look a lot nicer on the inside.Futuristic PortholesArchitecture in Hong Kong makes a bold statement.Chinese JunkLiving on the water in Hong Kong is a lifestyle choice.Leaf on the WaterHong Kong currents carry ideas and leaves to many parts of the world.Repulse BayWater means life in Hong Kong.Repulse PanoramaRepulse beach is a popular resort destination throughout Asia.On the WaterWater taxis are an economical way to cross the bay and provide an excellent view.LaundryAny open window is an opportunity where space is at a premium.More LaundryInnovation is the mother of invention, they say. With so much to do and so little space, innovation is is contagious.Tenement LaundryIt doesn’t matter what floor you live on, a clothes dryer is a luxury few can afford.Night time in Hong KongHIGH end product placement, Hong Kong style. 22.396428 114.109497
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Jackie Chan Nostalgia

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This takes me back!

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Juxtaposin': Titles

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Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

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Chris Tucker Dishes On A-Listers To Family Members In LaughFest Performance

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Source: mlive – By Todd Chance GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Chris Tucker is a celebrity. He’ll tell you
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Talking about Can't Stop - CNBLUE

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Hey all! Happy friday and Pi Day! :) Today I have another “Talking about”, and this time it’s going to be about Can’t Stop – CNBLUE! Watch it first if you haven’t already! :D I do realize this song is not that recent, but I wanted to talk about it anyways! Better late than never :D So here we gooo!

CNBLUE is a 4 member rock group that debuted in 2009. I’m pretty sure most of you guys know them anyways hehe :3 But can I just talk about how I really like their group name? I feel like it’s actually personal to them as a group, and I think some band don’t necessarily decide that for their names.


CNBLUE – Looking goood ;) Image taken from kofan.com. All rights go to the respective owners!

As for my opinions ….

Song: I really liked it! I mean, I enjoy this style of songs anyways, and I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. CNBLUE’s songs are usually good, at least to my taste, and this one was too! I thought Yonghwa’s voice sounded very soothing and pretty and….. and… I don’t really know what to say. :S Hahah it was really pretty to me! He definitely has great vocals. Loved the guitar parts too! It’s an overall good song, and I enjoyed it. :D

Music Video: For the music video, I also liked it. :D I thought there were lots of cool bits, like the split screen to show the cheek kiss, the indoor raining cloud, the shadow on the wall saying “Can’t Stop Me Now”, the really pretty girl, the different rooms they’re in and the furniture (is it weird that I noticed it? :o), the use of the mirrors, etc. I liked the sets that they were in, and their classy outfits haha! It fit well with the beautiful song :) And Yonghwa throwing the chair into that barrier thing! You show your badass-ness, Yonghwa. You go. :3

Overall….. Pretty song with a visually appealing, intriguing video! Would I download the song? Why yes, I would! This is one of the types of music I like, and I could see it part of my playlist :D This is a yay for me!

Sorry this post was so short, or at least it feels like it :S I didn’t have much to say because I liked it overall hehe.

What do you guys think about this song? Did you like the video? Are you a hardcore CNBLUE fan? Let me know in the comments below! :D

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! <3 Hugs from your fellow K-popper!

P.S. Also, if you’re feeling bored and craving some more K-pop in your day, check out this teaser by Jackie Chan’s new group JJCC! What are your opinions about them? Are you excited for their debut? Looking forward to the MV on March 20th? Comment below too!

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