Moving pictures, #3

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More culture splashed across the silver screen… although it’s a pretty loose definition of “culture” for some of the films I’ve seen over the past few weeks. More and more, I find myself avoiding recent Hollywood product (and I use the term “product” deliberately) in favour of arthouse or classic Hollywood films.

Rio Lobo, Howard Hawks (1970, USA) I freely admit Hawks’ Rio Bravo (1959) is one of my favourite films, and certainly my favourite Western, and I was aware Rio Lobo is often considered to be little more than Hawks having another bash at that earlier film. Like Rio Bravo, it stars John Wayne as a sheriff, who must defend a town against a cattle baron’s henchman and… The difference here is that Wayne was a Union officer and the film opens with an ambush by Confederate troops on a gold train he’s responsible for. Later, he meets the Confederate captain who commanded the ambush in a POW camp and the two become friends… and later allies against the evil cattle baron. A solid Hollywood western, but not a patch on Rio Bravo.


Beau Travail, Claire Denis (1999, France) I forget why I put this on my rental list, possibly I’d seen it on some list of top films or something. I’d seen a few by Denis before, and while they were good I can’t say they’d blown me away. But Beau Travail… It’s set in Djibouti among soldiers of the French Foreign Legion, and is framed as the memories of a sergeant after the fact. A new recruit joins the troop and the sergeant becomes envious of his looks, ability and popularity. He tries to kill him by sending him out into the desert with a faulty compass, but the legionnaire survives. The film ends with the sergeant dancing, representing his suicide after failing to adjust to civilian life. It is quite brilliant. I’m pretty sure Beau Travail is going to make my best of the year. It’s also the third film I can think of that’s lifted from good to near-genius by an unexpected dance scene, the other two being François Ozon’s Water Drops On Burning Rocks (2000) and Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009).

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 (1993, USA) So I finally got around to watching the final season of Next Gen, and now a week or two later I have very little memory of it all. I think I spent most of the time marvelling at how much make-up Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden were wearing. The plots of the individual episodes were, I seem to recall, rather dull and it all felt very formulaic and “the [tech] does the [tech] with the [tech]“. There were, as usual, some totally cringe-worthy episodes and, surprisingly, one featuring Lwaxana Troi that didn’t make me want to claw my eyes out (it was a bit barf-inducing, though). Ah well, seen them all now. Seen all of DS9 as well. Voyager next, I guess. Sigh.

Outpost 11, Anthony Woodley (2012, UK) The Second World War is apparently approaching its centenary and three men at a listening outpost – listening to Russian radio traffic (er, they were our allies during WWII) – are slowly driven mad by something strange out in the ice and cold. Everything looks a bit steampunk (er, the Victorian Age ended nearly forty years before WWII), the acting is terrible, and the pacing is abysmal. A film to avoid.

Gilda, Charles Vidor (1946, USA) Glenn Ford is a gambler in Buenos Aires shortly after WWII. He ends up working at an illegal casino – though you’d never guessed it was illegal from all the glitz – as floor manager. Some months later, the casino owner goes away on a trip and returns with Rita Hayworth, his wife. Cue smouldering hatred between Ford and Hayworth. Meanwhile, the casino owner is neck-deep in a cartel among tungsten mine owners. A quality Hollywood noir this one. Hayworth is mind-blowing. Definitely worth seeing.


Queen Of Blood, Curtis Harrington (1966, USA) This was actually a rewatch, but it’s such a good film it’s worth mentioning again. It’s another US movie cobbled together from footage from two Soviet films – мечте навстречу (Mechte Navstrechu) and Небо зовет (Nebo Zovyot), with additional US-filmed material starring Basil Rathbone, John Saxon, Judi Meredith Florence Marly, and, yes, that is Dennis Hopper. Alien crashlands on Mars, Earth sends rescue mission, they find sole survivor Marly, but during journey back to Earth she proves to be a vampire and kills all of crew except Meredith and Hooper, who kill her. Marly is astonishingly good as the titular alien, Meredith is treated like just one of the crew (a gender-equal future society, in a 1966 film!), and the footage from the Soviet movies is weirdly beautiful. I love this film.

My Neighbours The Yamadas, Isao Takahata (1999, Japan) The cartoony Studio Ghibli film, in other words. The title pretty much says it all – the film is structured as a series of vignettes about the eponymous family. I quite enjoyed it, although the best Ghibli I’ve seen so far is still Only Yesterday, like My Neighbours The Yamadas also directed by Isao Takahata.

Project A, Part 2, Jackie Chan (1987, Hong Kong) When I was living in the UAE, I watched quite a lot of Jackie Chan films – they were readily available there on VCD. It’s nineteenth century Hong Kong and Chan is drafted in as police superintendent in charge of a notoriously corrupt district. With the help of the Marines, he cleans up the  district, battling the local kingpin, an Imperial Chinese spy and his henchmen, and the previous superintendent who has been promoted to a position where he can allegedly do no harm. Also involved are a bunch of Chinese revolutionaries  - which is who the Imperial Chinese spy is after. There’s lots of cleverly-choreographed action, including a brilliant sequence with some chilis, and it’s pretty much a pure hit of Jackie Chan comedy-action. Definitely worth seeing.

20 Million Miles To Earth, Nathan Juran (1957, USA) This was on Film4 one weekend afternoon, so I plonked myself in front of the telly and watched it. My expectations were low and it still failed to meet them. A spacecraft on a mission to Venus crashlands in the sea off Sicily on its trip back to Earth. Some Sicilian fisherman rescue the sole survivor, but a young local boy also finds a specimen jar from the rocket containing a blobby thing, which promptly grows into a Godzillary-type creature and subsequently terrorises the island. This is a B-movie, with a B-movie script and B-movie talent, and notable only because Harryhausen animated the ersatz kaiju. Eminently avoidable.

Gentleman’s Agreement, Elia Kazan (1947, USA) This was a surprise. I forget where I stumbled across mention of it, but it was a good call. Gregory Peck plays a journalist who’s just landed a top gig with a New-York-based magazine. He proposes an article series on anti-semitism, but initially finds it hard to present the subject in a way that will really get it across to readers. Eventually he decides that he will tell everyone he is Jewish, and experience anti-semitism for himself – he’s new in New York, so there’s no one around who’ll know different (except his editor, of course, his mother, and his WASP-y fiancée). And experience it he does. Both conscious and unconscious. The topic is handled intelligently and sensitively. Sadly, I doubt a film like this would be made today.


Sons of the Desert, William A Seiter (1933, USA). Also, by various hands, We Faw Down (1928), Their Purple Moment (1928) and On the Wrong Trek (1936), which were all on the same disc. Sons of the Desert sees Stan and Ollie pull a fast one on their wives in order to attend the titular organisation’s annual bash in Chicago, which their wives have forbidden. Ollie fakes an illness, and the pair are allowed to travel to “Honolulu” to recuperate. Everything goes as planned… Except the ship the pair are allegedly returning on sinks. Just after they’ve lied their way out of trouble on that, the wives sees a newsreel about the Sons of the Desert parade in Chicago… and there are Stan and Ollie whooping it up. We Faw Down is a silent with an earlier version of the plot – Stan and Ollie want to attend a poker game so lie to their wives… only to get caught up in various shenanigans and consequently caught out. I thought it funnier than Sons of the Desert. Their Purple Moment is another silent – this time Stan & Ollie are out for some fun with some of Stan’s saved cash, they end up having dinner in a club with a pair of women (not their wives), but it turns out Stan’s wife has replaced his cash with coupons. Also a good one. Laurel and Hardy only make cameos in On the Wrong Trek, which is actually about another actor back from holiday telling his office mates about the disastrous week he’s just spent on the road to California with his wife and mother-in-law. There’s a quite good musical number, but that’s about all.

Red 2, Dean Pariscot (2013, USA) A bunch of oldies run around like twentysomethings, committing implausible mayhem and I completely forget what the actual plot was about. I’d dismiss this as complete tosh, but the script was pleasantly witty and though it trod a fine line it actually managed to avoid falling into stupid. It felt more like a European action thriller than a Hollywood one (amusingly, it featured a Russian aircraft masquerading as a USAF one, the precise opposite of all those Hollywood Cold War films…). For a beer and pizza night, you can do a lot worse than this film.

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New Band: JJCC

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I’m having a mini obsession with this lovely new rookie band called JJCC or Double JC

The group debuted in March 20, 2014 with five members: SimBa, E.co, EDDY, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak. They were formed and are currently managed by none other than Jackie Chan. The band name also has a cool meaning. The first “JC” comes from Jackie Chan’s initials while the second “JC” comes from the first letters of the words join and cultures. I thought that was pretty cool considering this band does have a variety of ethnicities.

Member Profiles:



Birth Name: Kim Young Jin
Stage Name: Simba  (심바)
Birthday: June 30
Position: Leader, Rap
Nationality: Korean
Height: 184cm (6ft)
Weight: 66kg (145lbs)
Blood Type: O



Birth Name: Ha Joon Young
Stage Name: E.Co (이코)
Birthday: March 13, 1987
Position: Rap
Nationality: Korean
Height: 186cm (6ft 1in)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Formerly in: J.Rich
Former Stage Name: Hajun



English Name: Eddy Oh
Korean Name: Oh Jong Seok
Stage Name: Eddy (에디)
Birthday: July 7
Position: Vocal
Nationality: Korean-American
Height: 177cm (5ft 9in)
Weight: 65kg (143lbs)
Blood Type:  O

*Eddy competed on the cooking challenge show “Master Chef Korea” once as he is known for his cooking skills.*



English Name: Henry Mak
Stage Name: Prince Mak (프린스 맥)
Birthday: May 24
Position: Vocal
Nationality: Chinese-Australian
Height: 179cm (5ft 10in)
Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
Blood Type: B

*Prince Mak is not included in their first music video, At First,  as it is reported that he injured himself before the filming.*



Birth Name: Choi Ha Don
Stage Name: Sanchung (산청)
Birthday: May 14
Position: Rap, Maknae
Nationality: Korean
Height: 180cm (5ft 10in)
Weight: 64kg (141lbs)
Blood Type: B


Unfortunately, I can’t really find set years that they were born. Some sites say their eldest member is 27 and others say he’s 22 so I don’t know. Reportadly, when Jackie Chan announced the group, he said all the members were in their early 20s.

The most popular rumor  says

Simba: June 30, 1992 – Age 21
E.co: March 13, 1987 – Age 27
Eddy: July 7, 1990 – Age 23
Prince Mak: May 24, 1990 – Age 23
San Cheong: May 14,1993 – Age 20


The group only has one single out right now and I can’t find any knowledge of the date for the next one or an album release. They seem to be mainly promoting themselves right now.

My Bias:

It’s still a little early to tell but I’m leaning towards this fellow ^.^



But this cutie (I have actually nicknamed him Cutie) is also very much still in the running for the title of my bias




How could you do that to us so early in your career?!

I thought this one was really cute because Eddy is just all cool and then the other four just burst in like a bunch of dorks ^.^

We have so much in common, Sancheong



Oh come on we all saw this reference coming.


Allow me to end on this note:


KpopInfo114: http://kpopinfo114.wordpress.com/2014-rookie-group-debuts/march-2/jjcc-double-jc-profile/

Miss Kpop: http://misskpop.weebly.com/jjcc-profile.html

Wikepdia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JJCC

Cooking Rapper: http://cookingrapper.tumblr.com/ (fun tumblr account dedicated to the band)

Other random extras found on tumblr or google

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Playlist 22-5-14

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StorySeller- 18th Area Korea
Gackt- Journey Through The Decade Japan
AKB48- Mae Shika Mukanee Japan
An Cafe- NYAPPY in the World 4 Japan
BIGBANG- Fantastic Baby Korea
Artist Spotlight: Yellow Fried Chickenz- Renai Driver ~Foo San No Uta~ Japan
Jackie Chan- Hero’s Story China
BACK-ON ft lil fang- Wimp Japan
Anime Track of the Week: Nami Tamaki- Believe Japan
T.M.Revolution- Meteor Japan
Gacharic Spin- JUICY BEATS Japan
TRAX- Scorpio Korea
BABYMETAL- Megitsune Japan
fade- Cross Road Japan
LiSA- Rising Hope Japan
Aya Kamiki- V/S Japan
Wagakki-Band- Senbonzakura Japan
Artist Spotlight: Yellow Fried Chickenz- All My Love Japan
VAMPS- Ahead Japan
Masato Nakamura- Chemical Plant Zone Japan
Vocaloid Track of the Week: wowaka ft Hatsune Miku- Rollin Girl Japan
abingdon boys school- JAP Japan
Outsider- Loner Korea
MC Mong- Invincible Korea
DOLL$BOXX- Loud Twin Stars Japan

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The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

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A fantasy filled adventure that delivers on style and beauty. It also delivers the punches of martial arts fighting though that side of things does start getting annoying after a while. The mix up of Oriental substance and bookending American fish out of water status works enough even if that’s a pretty standard/used a lot trope to go for.

I remember when I first went to see this movie, I was just so excited to see the two massive stars of the martial arts world come together for the first time on film. The meetup isn’t overly disappointing to be fair even though they’re on the same side and only fight once.

This Chinese and American movie starts with a dream that soon becomes more than that. After waking we as the audience discover this Boston teenager named Jason (Michael Angarano) is a huge fan of all things martial artsy. He clearly often visits an old man’s pawn shop to build his foreign film DVD collection and after a dangerous clash with some bullies he finds himself in a village in ancient China of all places. Once there the dream he had of a monkey king and a golden staff become evidently true and he has to return the item to a palace and the rightful owner to restore good in the kingdom. It’s with help from a talented yet misfit crew (Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Liu Yifei) that Jason starts to breathe the real taste of the world he once saw on a screen and as posters on his wall.

It’s a film that does have a beautiful look and to match the changing landscapes of China there is beautiful music. The score by David Buckley is stirring and oriental to suit and it rises for fights and falls in the right places for subtle yet fitting background sounds. The odd thing is at one point when re-watching this film today I swore one of the musical pieces sounded quite like the emotional setting used for ‘The Lion King’ and then I found out the director of this, Rob Minkoff also directed that classic Disney film. Not much to do with this film but a weird coincidence that I thought I’d share.

The locations of greenery, deserts, villages, temples and the parallel of the grungy smoke filled Boston world help make the film look good even if the story of overcoming teenager is a cliched tool. The moment of Jason stumbling out of a shack and onto the discovery of ancient China is similar to Dorothy leaving Kansas and finding herself in the technicolor world of Oz. That isn’t the only similarity as characters from the Far East become other characters in Boston, all in all he wants to return home and must do so by stepping through the gate of no gate or clicking his red shoes together in other terms, there’s that and the dream like wonder of this new world for Jason being akin to the story of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Jackie Chan is brilliant as two characters and Jet Li is also brilliant with his two characters. Jet Li gets to play the silent one and the crazy mischievous one whereas Chan excelles as the drunken one and the old wise one. The two are literally like fighting gods with their styles and throughout this film there are references and uses of ancient techniques from the Crane to the Tiger to the Praying Mantis. The duel between Chan and Li about 40 minutes in is good but not breathtaking. The fight does go on for a little while giving room for fun and epic clashes and to answer who wins, obviously there is no winner as I don’t think you could ever pick these two apart. Though the fights on the whole throughout the entire film feel repetitive after a while, what with all the stick defending, kicks and punches. More than this it’s the reliance on silly wire stunt work that takes away from the fact that the two leads could fight without these interference. I wanted the brutal skilled nature of Li and the fun yet talented mastery of Chan using the things around him but it doesn’t happen.

The only other main negative is the filling material of shooting back to sequences that describe the past or legends and stories of days gone by. It works when hearing it but then after a while there’s too much and you just want to get back to the main story. It’s that filler of looking at the past that takes up a lot of the movie’s running time in it’s attempt to mirror Jason’s view of this new land. It is just down to cliched storytelling and the frankly poor allusion to a love story strand that makes this film something other than the grand spectacle of the Chan/Li brilliance it could have been.

It’s still an entertaining if not cheesy martial arts romp that lights up thanks to the talents of Jet Li and Jackie Chan.



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Renny Harlin to Direct Jackie Chan's 'Skiptrace'

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Action specialist Renny Harlin is in talks to direct Jackie Chan’s action-comedy “Skiptr
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Shaolin Training Inspiration: Jackie Chan Training Montage

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I thought alot about whether I should have posted the previous post, that included a fight scene from a movie. In pursuing enlightenment, I believe that the martial arts can be a good vehicle, but fighting and martial arts are also used by some to go down a dark, unenlightened path. I hope that in the previous post I framed my approach sufficiently well; that any clips such as that are not meant to glorify violence, but merely to illustrate certain martial styles, and perhaps to provide inspiration before a vigourous physical workout or training session.

Other clips, which feature physical training itself, are perhaps less controversial, and are often even more inspirational. There are a number of training sequences from Jackie Chan movies, and I have saved several interesting ones from YouTube and other sources. Below is one such mix of training sequences from various Jackie Chan movies:

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Nostalgia Filter Test: Jackie Chan Adventures

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Full thoughts and review of Godzilla (2014) will be posted next week. For now, enjoy this article on Jackie Chan Adventures!

Nostalgia plays a role in our grown up lives but how much of that clouds our passion for our childhood obsessions?  This is part of a series where I’ll critically analyze a series from my childhood and see how well it still holds up. Enjoy!


For my free time these past few weeks, I’ve been watching Jackie Chan Adventures on Netflix.  I wanted to rewatch some of the good episodes while trying out seasons 4 and 5 as well.  How well as this series held up?  Pretty good I have to say!

This is probably one of the best shows out there that’s centered on a celebrity.  Though the real Jackie Chan doesn’t lend his voice to his character, he’s still involved in the show as seen in his end-of-the-episode “Hey Jackie” shorts along with his brief cameos in the intro.  Plus, Jade Chan is voiced by Stacie Chan who is actually Jackie Chan’s real life niece!

One thing you’ll probably not hear many people praise on the show is its animation which is alright but definitely better than some modern cartoons’ flash animation style.  However, it’s the story, characters, and voice acting that really pulls the show together. Most of the characters are pretty funny.  Jackie, Jade, Uncle, and Tohru lead the way with some of the best comical moments the series has to offer.  The running gags can be a little overdone but they usually give them enough spin to keep them fresh.  The fights can be frenetic, just like a Jackie Chan movie and that’s fun to watch.  The show really gets creative at times, especially with the use of props, scenery and magical devices.

A primary focus on East Asian folklore gives the show a unique flavor that doesn’t feel stereotypic or watered down.  Uncle’s chi spells seem genuine, especially with the chi spells’ ingredients such as blowfish or lotus flowers.  The standalone episodes also break the East Asian focus by expanding on global folklore such as El Chupacabra and Stonehenge which is definitely needed.


What’s nice about the show is that each season can stand by itself as they have a definite beginning and end with many conflicts in between.  Season 1 saw the 12 Talismans, Season 2 had the 8 Demons, Season 3 saw the Talismans in animal form, Season 4 had the Oni Masks, and Season 5 had the Demon Chi.  I think the show really took off starting Season 2 as now we have an established universe which is now expanded on and played with.

In fact, Season 4 was probably the JCA’s most creative season.  The season broke away from the Chinese focused plotlines and into Japanese folklore via the Oni Demons.  Now, Uncle is nearly helpless and Tohru’s importance is expanded on.  Also, I loved what they did with the Oni Masks.  They took a concept, Oni Masks give the mask wearer the power to summon a unique shadowkahn and the mask can only be removed by a unique spell, and ran with it.  They did concepts like a dog wearing a mask, or a mask is split into two, or a mask is revived via the Rat Talisman, the list goes on.  I liked it and though it wasn’t as strong as Season 2, it was still enjoyable.


I wish I could say the same thing for Season 5.  Oh God, why.  I watched a few episodes of Season 5 and I had to turn it off because it was not worth it.  The show had definitely run its course with reused plotlines.  Also, Drago was just not a good villain, especially when compared to his father, Shendu.  And I absolutely can’t stand Ice Man, he’s just sooooo anooooyinnnng.  God, shut up.  Overall, Season 5 just felt stale and I’m glad they canceled the show after that.

But back to Season 2, I think the main reason why this season worked was because of Shendu and his brothers and sisters.  Seeing Shendu in a position where he had to beg, gravel and be frustrated was a delight.  The demons were really fun and I especially liked the Moon and Sky Demon.  The Demon World episodes were also some of the best in the series as we see our heroes at their lowest but even then they still won the day.

ONE MORE THING, it’s funny to see Shendu transform as the series progressed.  We initially see him as a demon who was obsessed in conquering the world to eventually obsessed in killing Jackie Chan.  It’s very amusing.

Anyway, Jackie Chan Adventures has held up well.  Go see it if you have some free time this summer.  I suggest you start with Season 2 and go through to Season 4.  But skip Season 5, bleh.

Nostalgia Filter Test Score: A-

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House Party

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The house next door has been empty for around a month now. The Housing Executive haven’t got round t
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Jackie Chan portrait made of 64,000 Chopsticks

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Hong Yi, aka “Red“, is a Malaysian artist-architect who was commissioned to work on an a
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Stunt Granny Movie Review: Brick Mansions

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“Brick Mansions” is a Spike/TNT special. A movie in which if you stumble upon it on a random Sunday afternoon, you’ll stay for the finish. It’s not a good movie. It’s not a well-made movie. It’s a goofy caricature of an action movie. Once you accept that, you’ll realize it’s an enjoyable movie. It’s a Luc Besson film that Liam Neeson and Jason Statham wouldn’t wipe their behinds with. Luckily Paul Walker doesn’t believe on standing on trite movie ceremony – this film is right in his wheelhouse as the likeable, slightly believable action star. He may get flack for being a mediocre actor (I look at him as a man who accepts and embraces his limitations), but compared to the rest of the cast, he might as well be Daniel-Day Lewis. Any film in which RZA is the second best actor by far should tell you the type if film being made. “Brick Mansions”  is a gussied up B movie with a silly plot, parkour, cringe worthy representatives of black people, and in flattering view of Detroit. “Brick Mansions” is basically RoboCop if Donald Sterling directed it and got rid of the robot.

Guess what – I enjoyed it. Within 5 minutes of the film I accepted it for what it was and enjoyed the ride. I accepted that Detroit walled off an entire section of the Detroit projects to reduce crime. I accepted that RZA somehow stole a military transport and was able to attach a neutron dirty bomb to a Russian rocket for ransom. A French parkour expert who never lost his accent despite growing up in Detroit, who defeated armed gunman through brooms and flips? No problem. Paul Walker basically playing the love child of Keanu Reeves and Jackie Chan? I’m all in. Thugs speaking proper stilted English as if it was learned at a French catholic school – damn right. It has no logic besides its own, and follows its own rules. It is a better movie for it. I still remember “Brick Mansions after a week and smile thinking about it…more than I could say for better movies which fall by the wayside. It also reminded me how enjoyable Paul Walker was on film. I would say it’s a shame that his last starring role was this film, but he wouldn’t. So go see it. Definitely turn off the logic and reason and have fun. -Shahid

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140513 Jackie Chan's "A Career of 100 films" Concert with Super Junior-M [1P]

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Originally posted on Super Junior | ELF Forever ♥:

Credit: 大麦网深圳站官方微博 | kikiikyu
Reupload and Posted by: firnia (www.sup3rjunior.com)

SJM to attend Jackie Chan’s “A career of 100 films” concert (Shenzhen) on 2nd August at 7:30pm


View original

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CANNES: Jackie Chan to go 'Civilian' for IM Global

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Jackie Chan is to star in English-language thriller “Civilian,” set to be produced by Basil Iwanyk’s
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Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung, Lorraine Hahn and I

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Guess what I found while clearing out my photo albums. Photos of Jackie Chan, the late legendary Ani
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That Jackie Chan Moment...

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There are lots of moments that make you feel like Chinese film sensation Jackie Chan that we can all share and laugh/cry/scream about. The moments that make you question humanity and the ones that make you want to go stabby stabby in someones facey facey. Here are but a few of these moments that I, and probably many of you, have faced over the years…

  • Vegetarians that still eat fish…. because apparently fish aren’t animals.
  • People who put the milk in first when making tea… you can’t predict how much milk you’ve used, especially when putting a white substance in a white fucking cup. I’m not playing Tea Roulette with you, amateur.
  • Liars who can’t even keep up with their own lie… if you’re going to lie, make it good. Make it so good I actually sodding believe it.
  • Parents who moan about their misbehaving children… but still give them gadgets and video games that have an 18 sticker on them and teach them every swear word on the face of the planet.
  • People who say “that’s painful” but can’t help but keep poking the spot that’s most painful…. (I’m guilty of this one).
  • Parents that blame the TV, adverts or gaming for their horrific parenting… you’re child is messed up because you’re a colossal cunt.
  • Idiots who think it’s cool to wear Crocs or Onesies outdoors… you are an adult being (presumably) and should know better.
  • People who grimace at you after you’ve politely smiled at them in the street… who the fuck is that miserable that at the first sight of happiness they can’t help but frown.
  • Those bastards on Facebook who read your message and don’t reply to it… even though you can clearly see that they have read it and it warranted a damn response.

There are certainly more than this list, however I feel like that should be saved for another day. There’s only so much stupid I can take in one evening.

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Entertainment - 30 Movies that Need a Sequel!

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Attention, Fans of Cinema! A lot has been written about Hollywood running out of original ideas.  In
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Day 496: Fun with Phobias (Part III*)

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Several months ago, I wrote two posts about phobias (here and here), which I defined like so:
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Films and Food

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I had to fend off my cat from my Chinese food today. She was a complete hound for it. I turned my chopsticks around and battled her until she went back to the end of the bed and settled down. She’s adorable but she’s not getting people food. I gave my mom a taste and she loved it. What was it that they couldn’t resist? Panda Express’ Shiitake Mushroom Chicken Breast. It smells amazing and tastes even better! :L

I was gonna continue with BBC’s “Misfits today but my EHD (External Hard Drive) got really full. I went on that huge movie downloading spree and now I still have to go through them. When I started this post I had 103 films that I hadn’t even seen before! That’s a LOT of movies to go through! And that’s not including the full film series that I’ll be going through after these. Makes me want to sing the bottle song. Yes, I’m crazy.

I am craving cupcakes. I want yellow bread with strawberry frosting and lemon bread with lemon frustrating. I can taste it! OMG! It’s torture!

Today’s watch-list “The 6th Day”, “Traffic”, “Evolution”, “Exit Wounds”, “Rock Star”, “Blow”, “Artificial Intelligene”, “About A Boy”, and “Cradle 2 the Grave”.

So, “The 6th Day” feels like a cheap 90′s made for TV film. Doesn’t help that it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also doesn’t help that the effects and filming are also like early 90′s, kind of like that cartoon “Reboot”. The film is just too bad to stay. Turned it off.

Oddly enough I like the hurricane joke in “Traffic”. As important as everything in the movie is in real life it’s not my kind of film. Turned it off.

I waited until I was done eating lunch to start “Evolution” as all anyone has ever told me (my family is always SUCH a big help >.>) is that it’s gross and stupid. Even when I was a 12 (and wasn’t allowed to watch anything more than the trailers) I was sure this was a version, or something, of the “Ghostbuster” franchise. Always funny seeing David Duchovney in anything other than “The X-Files”. Aaaand there’s his butt in the window. Why?! The mosquito! -headdesk- I can’t stand mosquitos in normal circumstances (allergic) but then scenes like this make my skin crawl and I just squirm! The air breathing dragon is very cool. Orlando Jones just wanted to swagger XD And now it’s gone “Planet of the Apes”. And Head & Shoulders saves the day. Yup. OK. Yeah, it was probably a good think I ate first and they’re right it’s really stupid but nowhere near what they said. Ew.

So, “Exit Wounds” is JUST a shot ‘em up film. I’m bored. Turned it off.

They’re eating perfect bacon in front of me on “Rock Star”. I get what he meant about playing that guitar wrong. My poor ears. It’s like hearing someone sing who’s tone deaf. Tania is beyond annoying. Dear Lord! That’s Danny from BBC’s “Primeval”!!! Ever since I watched that series I’ve been seeing him everywhere! The actual amazing thing about this film is that they really did setup and tear down every stage you see. Honestly a good recovery from that tumble down the stairs. The Adam West Batmobile is fantastic.

I like the gay coke dealer in “Blow”. A blond Johnny Depp with a Beattles haircut is weird. Tuna’s actor is good in everything he’s in. Depp looks like a wolfman with those sideburns. So, he gets out in 2015. . . that’s next year 0.0

Not sure what to think of “Artificial Intelligence”. Anything domestic freaks me out more than any horror film or thriller; the more normal, the more terrifying. He’s got a built in radio with a head twitch. Is it wrong of me to want a Teddy? The scavenging scene is quite interesting. The Mecha Hunters and their toys are actually cool. All the sex jokes of the architecture of Rouge City. Aliens. Of course. Why not? It’s a Spielberg.

Didn’t know a thing about “About A Boy” when I started it. It’s simply a bucket-list film. It’s a very normal film, really. Normal films bore me but I’ve ended up sticking around. It’s odd going backwards with Nicholas Hoult: First was “X-Men: First Class” then BBC’s “Skins” and now “About A Boy”! So weird.

Flirting with the gay guard in “Cradle 2 the Grave” is cracking me up. Watching Jet Li’s abilities be dumbed down in this film is quite sad and I hate it when that happens to both him and Jackie Chan. This is like a really BAD version of “Rush Hour”. Was bored with it. Turned it off.

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Happy (Late) Birthday Jackie Chan ^^

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JJCC Performed at Jackie Chan’s 60th Birthday!

Omg Jackie Chan is 60 years old now! I still can’t believe it.. He still looks like he is 20 or 30, at most! His birthday occurred on April 7, in which the Kpop group that he created, JJCC, performed their debut song “At First.” They performed really well and I hope for many more  years to come for Jackie Chan :D

So who’s Jackie Chan and this group, JJCC?
    Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong actor, action choreographer, comedian, director, producer, martial artist, screenwriter, entrepreneur, singer, and stunt performer. In his movies, he is known mostly for his acrobatic fighting style, comedic timing, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts. He is one of the few actors to have performed all of his film stunts. Chan has been acting since the 1960s and has been in over 150 films.

    JJCC (pronounced Double-JC) is a South Korean boy group formed under the management of Jackie Chan Group Korea. This group debuted on March 20, 2014 with members SimBa, E.co, EDDY, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak. They are the first K-pop idol group to be formed and reared by Jackie Chan.

If you’re interested in more on Jackie Chan and JJCC, check out their links below! :D

Jackie Chan


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JJCC : Newbie Boyband Compete in Korean Showbiz

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Jackie Chen created new boyband, my first reaction was “Are you sure? that action movie star, Jackie ajusshi?”

It really true that Jackie Ajusshi form new boyband called JJCC or double JC since Jackie Ajusshi is K-pop fan. now, I wonder can JJCC compete to others Boyband which already exist and gain some recognition within South Korea itself and even worldwide. not to mention Korean Entertainment Industry is competing harshly and tightly, they aren’t only compete in their singing skill, dancing skill, good-looking but also the huge promotion and others quality.

Let say those who survive and get the market share. In Music market, SM Entertaiment, YG, JYP and FNC. They are those who gain and share the market in Korean Music Industry. Jackie Ajusshi really brave to make decision to form new K-POP boyband in against or let me soften the word as compete to the BIG TREE Music entertainment (SM, YG and JYP).

SM Entertainment has Super Junior which worldwide well known for past years and current, EXO-K and EXO-M which gain much popularity recently and even the split TVXQ which only has Max and U-know are being very famous whether from their album sales, fan base, etc.

YG Entertainment has Big-Bang while JYP has 2PM, 2AM, and GOT7. even FNC bands kind different to SM, YG or JYP but FNC CNBlue and FT Island are well known within Korea and outside Korea.

after I listen to their first single and the only single that released, I think they could compete but I don’t see anything that more to offer for us, the audience, viewer and fans of K-pop.

They have nice voice, good looking, tall, youth which these kind of things, you can find in any boyband. I don’t see any moves or difficult dances moves just like EXO did or being unique just Big Bang did.

one of the backup promotional maybe…
they are form by Jackie Chan, one of the famous well known actor who has name in International showbiz.

I can’t say too much about JJCC since the band is so new and so far only has one single which I think nice to listen and watchable MV.

you can check out the MV here


Well, let see how JJCC gain it own market share in Korea and out of Korea at least consider Asia market and global market.



I do not own any video and picture. those are credited to their owner (which I forget the resources, hehehehehe)

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Friday, May 9, 2014 - Inbound - trainspottingChicago

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Good morning.

On the 7:50AM into the City. It is a rainy day. Everyone is moist.

There is a fellow sitting about six seats back who looks like a clean shaven Santa. His stark-white hair is about his jolly old head similar to Jerry Garcia in his hey day. The white eyebrows are like two hairy extensions of his wire rimmed bifocals. The beard is off for the spring and summer months. He’s more jowled than jolly these days. Perhaps he trims down old fat during the spring and summer and brings it all back anew for his winter activities?

There is a fellow, up top, who looks strange. A Desi man, IT, on his laptop. He’s not management – probably  contract hire. I say this because he is wearing a black and white striped polo that doesn’t even look good on basketball referees and crumpled urban outfitter slacks with side pockets on the sides that were becoming old back in the late 1990′s. Had he been working for management, he would have adhered to a different dress code. Anyway, our contractor friend makes a strange duckface as he bangs away on Hus laptop trying to debug some faulty SQL code. The duckface is not only popular with campy selfies, but has evolved into society such that it expresses itself during times of cognitive stress. Unfortunate. At least try for a Spock upturned eyebrow!

Also here are Judy Baar Topinka, Jackie Chan, an Observer from Fringe, and Paula Dean. All are armed.

Happy Friday, Siwash and Good Eggs! Safe travels.

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