Taipei 101 Facts: Taipei 101, Taiwan, official tallest skyscaper in the world

Some facts about Taipei 101, tallest skyscaper in world,follows.

main tuned damper in taipei 101.
main tuned damper in taiwan's taipei101,taipei.
tai pei 101 at night view

Taipei 101 Facts

Taipei 101 building :
designed by C.Y. Lee & Partners

construction constructed primarily by KTRT Joint Venture

Total Floors  105, 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground.
Withstand Capability It is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes.

Owned by Taipei Financial Center Corporation

Managed By International division of Urban Retail Properties Corporation based in Chicago

Cost of Taipei 101

Cost NT$58 billion (US$1.76 billion)


Taipei 101 Height

  • Ground to highest architectural structure (spire): 509.2 metres (1,670.60 ft). Previously held by the Petronas Towers 452 m (1,483 ft).
  • Ground to roof: 449.2 m (1,473.75 ft). Formerly held by the Willis Tower 442 m (1,450 ft).
  • Ground to highest occupied floor: 439.2 m (1,440.94 ft). Formerly held by the Willis Tower 412.4 m (1,353 ft).
Taipei 101 elevators :
The doubledeck elevators is built by Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation (TELC) and having top ascending speeds of 16.83 m (55.22 ft) per second (60.6 km/h, 37.7 mi/h). This set a new record in 2004 since this speed is 34.7 percent faster than the previous record holders of the Yokohama Landmark Tower elevator, Yokohama, Japan, which speeds of 12.5 m (41 ft) per second (45.0 km/h, 28.0 mi/h). Taipei 101's elevators sweep visitors from the fifth floor to the 89th-floor observatory in only 37 seconds. Each elevator features an aerodynamic body, full pressurization, state-of-the art emergency braking systems, and the world's first triple-stage anti-overshooting system. The cost for each elevator is NT$80 million (US$2.4 million).

Interesting facts about taipei 101

  • Largest countdown clock: On display every New Year's Eve.
  • Tallest sundial.
  • Taipei 101, like many of its neighbours, shows the influence of feng shui philosophy.
  • The height of 101 floors commemorates the renewal of time: the new century that arrived as the tower was built (100+1) and all the new years that follow (January 1 = 1-01).
  • Inside Taipei 101 a multi-level shopping mall adjoining the tower houses hundreds of fashionable stores, restaurants and clubs.
  • Fireworks launched from Taipei 101 feature prominently in international New Year's Eve broadcasts,
  • It has been hailed as one of the Seven New Wonders of the World (Newsweek magazine, 2006) and Seven Wonders of Engineering (Discovery Channel, 2005).[
  • Taipei 101 received the Emporis Skyscraper Award in 2004.
  • The main taipei 101 tower features a series of eight segments of eight floors each.
  • Curled ruyi figures appear throughout the structure as a design motif.
  • Taipei 101 at night is decorated with bright yellow gleam from its pinnacle casts Taipei 101  in the role of a candle or torch
  • Taipei 101's curtain walls are blue-green glass covered, offer heat and UV protection, and can sustain impacts of 7 metric tons
  • From 6:00 to 10:00 each evening the tower's lights display one of seven colours in the spectrum. The colours coincide with the days of the week:
    Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Taipei 101 building engineering Facts

  • The original 2004 fiber-optic and satellite Internet connections permitted transfer speeds up to a gigabyte per second.
  • Taipei 101 one of the most stable buildings ever constructed.
  • Taipei 101 building construction  is designed to withstand the typhoon winds and earthquake tremors common in its area of the Asia-Pacific.
  • Taipei 101 was the first building in the world to break the half-kilometer mark in height.
  • It was the first "world's tallest building" to be constructed in the new millennium. In this taipei 101 run to top many records were breaken.
  • Taipei 101 tower was overtaken in height on July 21, 2007 by the Burj Dubai in Dubai, UAE, upon the completion of that building's 141st floor .But still officially Taipei 101 is the tallest building because Burj Dubai construction has not yet finished, even though Burj Dubai is taller than taipei 101 after 141st floor.
  • 660 metric tons (728 short tons) steel pendulum that serves as a tuned mass damper, at a cost of NT$132 million (US$4 million). Suspended from the 92nd to the 88th floor, the pendulum sways to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts.
  • The foundation is reinforced by 380 piles driven 80 m (262 ft) into the ground, extending as far as 30 m (98 ft) into the bedrock. Each pile is 1.5 m (5 ft) in diameter and can bear a load of 1,000 metric tons (1,100 short tons) - 1,320 metric tons (1,460 short tons).

Sustainability of taipei 101

Taipei 101 building construction  is well designed to withstand the typhoon winds and earthquakes common in this region. The stability of the design became evident during construction when, on March 31, 2002, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Taipei. The tremor was strong enough to topple two construction cranes from the 56th floor, then the highest, and killed five people in the accident. An inspection afterwards showed no structural damage to the taipei101 building and construction soon resumed.


Taipei 101 is located in Taipei, Taiwan which is having good food, stay and accommodation facilities with good hotels around. You can see the neighboring buildings, locality in the following google street view.

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