Dead Sea Sink hole

There are sub surface cavities called the Dead sea sinkhole mostly in and around the western shore of Dead sea , which possibly are caused by incoming fresh water dissolving salt layers just beneath the surface of dead sea banks.

These cavities looks strong but can go down at any time. There are reported cases of men trapped when these cavities went down. The number of sink holes found in dead sea region have reached around 3000, mostly along Israel border, but pops up along Jordan border too. Shrinking of Dead sea supported by recent chemical and tourism related activities aggravates the dead sea sink hole phenomena.

dead sea sink hole
dead sea sink hole

dead sea banks. look may be misleading, they may have undetected sink holes just beneath surface.
 dead sea beach

Sinkhole at Mineral Beach, Dead Sea, West Bank, you can see near to that atleast 2 more sink holes. These sinkholes are threat to unwary visitors to deadsea region.
 Sinkholes at Mineral Beach, Dead Sea, West Bank

The danger of dead sea sink holes get worser with shrinking of dead sea,  now geologists plan to map these sink holes to protect tourists to the region. Detecting potential dead sea sinkholes is important not only because they damage
the environment, but also creates threat to the tourism industry and

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