Google Street view now Available in South Africa including World cup stadiums

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inside of Soccer city johannesburg as seen in google street view, google street view provides 360 degree view

Google Street view of Soccer city stadium johannesburg SA

Google gives great coverage to 2010 Fifa world cup through all its services. As part of it Google has newly introduced their popular Street view Service in South Africa just before the Fifa World cup 2010 kick off start. Google Street view is available in most of the South africa streets except the north eastern locations. South Africa becomes the first african continent country where Google Street view currently available apart from Gran Canaria islands. The most interesting part is that Google has covered the inside of Fifa world cup stadiums too.

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Now you can see the high quality 360 degree images of south africa world cup stadiums with out ever visiting South Africa. The image quality is so high that each and every seating in world cup stadium can be pin pointed.

Soccer city stadium Johannesburg as seen in Google Earth, Google Earth gives 3d View of all 10 world cup stadiums
johannesburg Soccer city football stadium in south africa as seen as 3d in google earth, google covers all 10 world cup stadiums in google earth

Soccer city johannesburg stadium as seen in google satellite maps, in satellite maps only aerial view available.
johannesburg south africa soccer city soccer stadium as seen in google satellite maps

Soccer city stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, one of the venue locations of Fifa world cup 2010 Soccer competition. Stadium ground and inside as seen in Google Street view, Google street view can provide 360 degree high quality view. Mouse click and drag in the map to see rest of the parts of stadium

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