Google streetview (maps/earth) of America's Tallest Buildings

Google street view is new buzz in US, now started storming Europe, Japan too.Google street view gives 360 degree photographic view of streets of selected cities. Initially it was available in US cities only. But now google has made street view available in selected cities of Europe and Japan . Following are Google street views angled to include Tallest buildings in US.

Drag (left mouse click+mouse move)on the street view map to see the 360 degree panoramic view of United States tallest buildings including Sears tower, Empire State building etc. (US top 12).

sears tower

Fifth-tallest building in the world, tallest building in the United States. Has been the tallest building in the city, the state, and the country since 1974. Tallest building in the world from 1974 until 1998. Remains the tallest completed building in the world when measuring to pinnacle height. Tallest building constructed in the world in the 1970s.

The Sears Tower is a skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois. It has been the tallest building in North America since 1973, surpassing the World Trade Center, which itself had surpassed the Empire State Building only a year earlier. Commissioned by Sears, Roebuck and Company, it was designed by chief architect Bruce Graham and structural engineer Fazlur Khan of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

Construction commenced in August 1970 and the building reached its originally anticipated maximum height on May 3, 1973. When completed, the Sears Tower had overtaken the roof of the World Trade Center in New York City as the world's tallest building. The tower has 108 stories as counted by standard methods, though the building owners count the main roof as 109 and the mechanical penthouse roof as 110. The distance to the roof is 1,450 feet (442 m), measured from the east entrance.

In February 1982, two television antennas were added to the structure, increasing its total height to 1,705 feet (520 m). The western antenna was later extended to 1,730 feet (527 m) on June 5, 2000 to improve reception of local NBC station WMAQ-TV.

Black bands appear on the tower around the 29th–32nd, 64th–65th, 88th–89th, and 104th–109th floors. These are louvers which allow ventilation for service equipment and obscure the structure's belt trusses which Sears Roebuck did not want to be visible as on the John Hancock Center.

The building's official address is 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60606.

On August 12, 2007, the Burj Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was reported by its developers to have surpassed the Sears Tower in all height categories.

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Trump International Hotel and Tower

This building topped out in August 2008 to become the second-tallest building in Chicago.

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The Trump International Hotel and Tower, also known as Trump Tower Chicago and locally as the Trump Tower, is a skyscraper condo-hotel under construction in downtown Chicago, Illinois in the United States. Architect Adrian Smith, who worked for Skidmore, Owings and Merrill during the building's planning and design stages, designed the building, named after real estate developer Donald Trump. Bovis Lend Lease is building the 92-story structure to a height of 1,362 feet (415 m) including its spire, with its roof topping out at 1,170 feet (360 m). It is adjacent to the main branch of the Chicago River with a view of the entry to Lake Michigan beyond a series of bridges that cross the river. The building received publicity when the winner of the first season of The Apprentice, Bill Rancic, chose to manage the construction of the tower.

Trump announced in 2001 that the skyscraper would become the tallest building in the world, but after the September 11, 2001 attacks, the building plans were scaled back, and its design has undergone several revisions. According to the current design, upon completion in 2009 it will be the second-tallest building in the United States after Chicago's Sears Tower, rising above the Empire State Building in New York City and Chicago's current second-tallest, the Aon Center, and third-tallest, the John Hancock Center. It is expected to be surpassed by the Freedom Tower in New York City in 2010 and by the Chicago Spire in 2011. Trump Tower will surpass the Hancock Center as the building with the world's highest residence above the ground until the Spire claims this title.

The design of the building includes, in order from the ground up, retail space, a parking garage, a hotel, and condominiums. The 339-room hotel opened for business with limited accommodations and services on January 30, 2008. April 28, 2008 marked the grand opening with full accommodations and services. A restaurant on the 16th floor opened in early 2008 to favorable reviews for its cuisine, decor, location, architecture, and view.

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empire state building

10th-tallest building in the world. First building in the world to contain over 100 floors.

The Empire State Building is a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in New York City at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. Its name is derived from the nickname for the state of New York. It stood as the world's tallest building for more than forty years, from its completion in 1931 until construction of the World Trade Center's North Tower was completed in 1972. Following the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001, the Empire State Building again became the tallest building in New York City and New York State.

The Empire State Building has been named by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The building and its street floor interior are designated landmarks of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, and confirmed by the New York City Board of Estimate. It was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. In 2007, it was ranked number one on the List of America's Favorite Architecture according to the AIA. The building is owned and managed by W&H Properties.

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Bank of America Tower

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Aon Center (Chicago)


Location:200 East Randolph Street,Chicago, Illinois

Constructed 1970-1972

Opening 1973

Use Office

Height Roof 1,136 ft (346 m)

Technical details

Floor count 83 aboveground

5 belowground

Floor area 3,600,000 sq. ft. 334,448 m²

Elevator count 50

Cost $120,000,000 (USD)


Architect Edward Durell Stone

Contractor Turner Construction

Developer Standard Oil of Indiana

The Aon Center (200 East Randolph Street) is a modern skyscraper in Chicago designed by architect firms Edward Durell Stone and The Perkins and Will partnership, and completed in 1973 as the Standard Oil Building. With 83 floors and a height of 1,136 feet (346 m), it is the second tallest building in Chicago, surpassed in height only by the Sears Tower. It is the fourth tallest in the United States and the 16th-tallest in the world. The building is managed by Jones Lang LaSalle.

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John Hancock Center


Location 875 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago, USA

Status Complete

Constructed 1965-1969

Use mixed use

Height Antenna/Spire 1,500 ft (457 m)

Roof 1,127 ft (344 m)

Top floor 1,078 ft (329 m)

Technical details

Floor count 100

Floor area 853,432 ft² (260,126 m²)

Elevator count 50


Architect Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

Contractor Tishman Construction Co.

Developer John Hancock Insurance

For the tower in Boston, see John Hancock Tower.

The John Hancock Center at 875 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago, Illinois, is a 100-story, 1,127-foot (344 m) tall skyscraper designed by structural engineer Fazlur Khan of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. When completed in 1969, it was the tallest building in the world outside New York City. It is the third-tallest skyscraper in Chicago and the fifth-tallest in the United States, after the Sears Tower, the Empire State Building, the Bank of America Tower and the Aon Center. When measured to the top of its antenna masts, it stands at 1,500 feet (457 m). The building is home to offices and restaurants, as well as about 700 condominiums and contains the highest residences in the world. This skyscraper was named for John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, a developer and original tenant of the building.

The 95th floor has long been home to a restaurant, the latest tenant being "The Signature Room on the 95th Floor." While patrons dine, they can look out at Chicago and Lake Michigan. The Hancock Center's observation facilities (called the Hancock Observatory) compete with the Sears Tower's Skydeck across town. The Hancock Center is in a commercial district, while the Sears Tower is in the financial district. The Hancock Center 94th floor observation deck displays exhibits about the city of Chicago. Maps explain the view in each direction and a special meshed-in area allows the visitors to feel the winds 1,030 feet (314 m) above ground level. The 44th-floor sky lobby features America's highest indoor swimming pool.

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Chrysler Building


Location 405 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York, U.S.

Status Complete

Constructed 1929-1930

Height Antenna/Spire 318.9 m (1,046 ft)

Roof 282.0 m (925 ft)

Top floor 274.0 m (899 ft)

Technical details

Floor count 77

Floor area 1,195,000 sq ft (111,000 m²)

Elevator count 32


Architect William Van Alen

Chrysler Building was the world's tallest building from 27 May 1930 to 1931.

Preceded by 40 Wall Street

Surpassed by Empire State Building

The Chrysler Building is an Art Deco skyscraper in New York City, located on the east side of Manhattan at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue. Standing at 319 metres (1,047 ft), it was briefly the world's tallest building before it was surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931. However, the Chrysler Building remains the world's tallest brick building. After the destruction of the World Trade Center, it was again the second-tallest building in New York City until December 2007, when the spire was raised on the 365.8-metre (1,200 ft) Bank of America building, pushing the Chrysler Building into third position. In addition, the New York Times Building, which opened in 2007, is exactly tied with the Chrysler Building in height.

The Chrysler Building is a classic example of Art Deco architecture and considered by many contemporary architects to be one of the finest buildings in New York City (see below). In 2007, it was ranked ninth on the List of America's Favorite Architecture by the American Institute of Architects.

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New York Times Building


Location 620 Eighth Avenue,New York, New York,10018,USA

Status Complete

Groundbreaking 2003

Constructed 2003 - 2007

Use Retail (ground floor) and Office

Height Antenna/Spire 1,046 ft (319 m)

Roof 748 ft (228 m)

Technical details

Floor count 52 floors

Floor area 1,540,000 sq ft (143,000 m²)

Elevator count 32 (24 passenger, 8 service)


Architect Renzo Piano Building Workshop, FXFOWLE Architects


Engineer Thornton Tomasetti

Contractor AMEC Construction Management

Developer Forest City Ratner Companies

Owner The New York Times Company (58% owner) and Forest City Ratner Companies (42% owner)

Management Forest City Ratner Companies

The New York Times Building is a skyscraper on the west side of Midtown Manhattan that was completed in 2007. Its chief tenant is The New York Times Company, publisher of the The New York Times, The Boston Globe, the International Herald Tribune, as well as other regional papers. Construction was a joint venture of The Times Company, Forest City Ratner Companies - the Cleveland-based real estate firm constructing redeveloping the Brooklyn Atlantic rail yards - and ING Real Estate.

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Bank of America Plaza (Atlanta)


Location 600 Peachtree Street NE,Atlanta, Georgia

Status Complete

Constructed 1991-1992

Use Office

Height Antenna/Spire 1,023 ft (311.8 m)

Roof 933 ft (284.4 m)

Technical details

Floor count 55

Floor area 1,262,000 sq ft (117,242 m²)

Elevator count 24

Cost US$150 million


Architect Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates LLC

Structural Engineer CBM Engineers Inc., Newcomb & Boyd

Owner BentleyForbes

Management Cousins Properties Incorporated

The Bank of America Plaza is a skyscraper located in Midtown Atlanta. Standing 1,023 ft (311.8 m), it ranks as the 24th tallest building in the world. It is also the tallest building in the United States outside of Chicago and New York City, and the tallest building in any U.S. state capital. It has 55 stories of office space and was completed in 1992, when it was called the NationsBank Building. Originally intended to be the headquarters for C&S/Sovran Bank, it became NCNB/NationsBank's property following the 1991 merger of C&S/Sovran and NCNB. The Bank of America Plaza was the last American skyscraper built to be one of the ten tallest in the world (in the 14 years since its construction all new entries onto the top ten list have been in Asia). Currently, the largest tenant is the law firm of Troutman Sanders LLP.

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U.S. Bank Tower


Location Los Angeles, California

Status Complete

Constructed 1987-1990

Use corporate offices


Antenna/Spire none

Roof 1,018 ft (310.3 m)

Top floor 967.5 ft (294.92 m)

Technical details

Floor count 73

Floor area 1.3 million sq ft 121,167 sq m

Elevator count 24


Architect Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

Structural Engineer CBM Engineers Inc.

The U.S. Bank Tower, formerly the Library Tower and First Interstate World Center, is a skyscraper located at 633 West Fifth Street in downtown Los Angeles. It is the ninth-tallest building in the United States, the tallest North American skyscraper west of the Mississippi River, the tallest building in California, and the tallest building with a helipad on the roof (this is required by the city building code). Rising 1,018 feet (310 m) in height, it is also the 31st-tallest building in the world as of March 2008. Until the construction of Taipei 101, it was also the tallest building in a major active seismic region; its structure was designed to resist an earthquake of 8.3 on the Richter scale. It consists of 73 stories above ground and two parking levels below ground. Construction was started in 1987 and was completed in 1990. The building was designed by Henry N. Cobb of the architectural firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and cost $350 million to build. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in Los Angeles, often used in establishing shots for the city in films and television programs.

The building is also known as the Library Tower due to its location across the street from the Los Angeles Central Library; it was built as part of the $1 billion redevelopment of the Library following two disastrous fires in 1986. The City of Los Angeles sold air rights to the developers of the tower to help pay for the reconstruction of the library. The building was also known for a time as First Interstate World Center after being bought by First Interstate Bank. After First Interstate merged with Wells Fargo Bank the name Library Tower was restored. In March 2003 the property was leased by U.S. Bancorp and the building was renamed U.S. Bank Tower. Residents, however, generally continue to refer to it as the Library Tower.

The tower has a large glass "crown" at its top that is illuminated at night. The crown is lighted with red, white, and blue on 4 July and red and green during the Christmas holiday season. It is also lit with purple and gold when the Los Angeles Lakers are playing in the NBA Playoffs and blue and white on Opening Day for the Los Angeles Dodgers. On February 28, 2004, two U.S. Bank logo signs, each standing 75 feet (23 m) high, were installed on the crown, amid controversy for their effect on the aesthetic appearance of the building (as was the case previously when First Interstate Bank's logos were placed on the crown between 1990 and 1997).

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AT&T Corporate Center


Location 227 West Monroe Street,Chicago, Illinois

Status Complete

Constructed September 1986-April 1989

Height Antenna/Spire 307 m(1,007 ft)

Roof 270 m (886 ft)

Top floor 252 m (827 ft)

Technical details

Floor count 60 aboveground

2 belowground

Floor area 158,000 m² 1.7 million sq. ft.


Architect Adrian D. Smith (S.O.M)

Contractor Stein & Company (Now Mesirow Stein)

Developer AT&T Co./Stein & Company.

The AT&T Corporate Center is the 4th tallest completed skyscraper in Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, United States and the 9th tallest in the United States at a height of 1,021 ft (307 m) containing 60 floors. Completed in 1989, the 1.7 million square foot (158,000 m²) supertall tower stands two blocks east of the Chicago River and northeast of the Sears Tower at 227 West Monroe Street (100 South Franklin alternate address) in the Loop community area of downtown Chicago. Composed of retail and commercial office space, the tower is the tallest building constructed in Chicago in the last quarter of the 20th century. The america corporate building was built to consolidate American Telephone Telegraph Company central regional headquarters offices.