Solution for Microsoft Excel Freeze Panes Not Working as Expected

Freeze panes is a good feature in ms office for freezing (keep in same position even during scrawling away with scroll bar) certain top rows or left most columns.

Visual Studio 2015 Installation Failure due Team Explorer component install Failure

Recently I faced a difficulty, couldn't install Visual Studio 2015 in one of the machine even after multiple retries (even after fresh install) due to team explorer component installation failure (ple

One in five properties is underwater

An estimated 22.8 percent of properties, over 11 million homes, are underwater. That means almost one fourth of homeowners owe the bank over their house is worth on the market.

Increased water bills are likely coming

Water is perhaps the one source many people ignore. The price of it is getting crazy in some places, as some people have crazy water bills that are practically draining them dry.

Apple claims that iPhone software update will fix antenna issues

The iPhone 4 reception continued Friday. The announced the iPhone 4 antenna issue could be remedied with a simple iPhone software update.

Nokia Sues Apple A Second Time

Nokia Sues Apple ... Again

In the market, Nokia and Apple are the two siblings that just can't seem to get along. For years, Nokia has sued Apple over multiple years and issues. In response, Apple has been counter-suing Nokia. What’s the issue? The companies have invested online cash loans – over 40 billion dollars worth. So what is the newest move in this chess game?

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