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World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 19:54
Single fence post in Auschwitz-Birkenau. (c) Maria Frank.

(c) Maria Frank.

The Conservatives won the UK General Election in 2015. No other party convinced more voters in more seats, that their candidate was better than the others. 329 times. They were the most competitive party. It was democratic when Tony Blair did it, and it is democratic now David Cameron did it. Whilst there are merits of proportional representation (PR) and alternative voting (AV) in theory, these systems have not proven to more reliably preserve liberty over time than first-past-the-post (FPTP) in practice. Changing the system to make it easier for weaker, less competitive, less convincing parties into power is ignorant of history and the last referendum.

Many complain about the ‘politics of division’. Politics is division! You think one thing; I think another. Big deal. The diversity of thought (the kind that matters) is a sign you are living in a free society and not a totalitarian one. Adversarial politics, where only the winners are directly elected (650, in the UK), is an important safeguard against arbitrary power. An arbitrary 5% minimum of the popular vote in PR is not. History informs us of whether a party was totalitarian in power; one cannot know they will not be so. History also reveals totalitarian governments had much of the popular vote—they were not fringe ideas.

Whilst one cannot look back at elections and prove, based on popular votes, that FPTP would have made any or no difference then (they were not the voting conditions), it remains a fact, that no totalitarian has ever been voted in under an established FPTP system. The same cannot be said of PR. This might be because PR is more sensitive to contemporary political conditions; hence an inexperienced, untested party can gain power quickly, especially reactionary ones in desperate times. Contrast that with the decades taken for a new party to gain any influence under FPTP. This allows time for events to be documented and discussed—for charlatans to be exposed, and racists to be ridiculed—before they become less debatable or facts, and before any power is given away. A spread of conviction is harder to fix, takes longer to achieve and so minimises the risk of reactionary behaviour being rewarded. It is rightly difficult to win trust, beat the competition on trial for each seat, get a majority and gain power. If another party wants to win, they need to learn how to be the most convincing and competitive. Then more of us might consider voting for them.

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Vibrator jokes

Latest Jokes - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 14:29
Why did God create man?

Because a vibrator can't mow the lawn.
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Benjamin Franklin

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:43

“In this world nothing can be said to be ,certain except death and taxes.”

Benjamin Franklin

January 17, 1706 – April 17, 1790

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston to Josiah and Abiah Franklin.  He was one of 17 children that Josiah had.  He attended school till he was only 10 years old, leaving to help his father with work.  Since candle making didn’t interest him he left to be an apprentice to his brother, James, a printer.  James founded the first independent newspaper in the colonies, the New-England Courant.  Benjamin had attempted to submit some of his own writings but was denied.  He decided to start writing letters under the pen name Mrs. Silence Dogood.  He wrote many letters as Silence which were published and delighted readers.  This did not delight James; however, who was quite angry at the deception.  He left the apprenticeship and settled in Philadelphia.

in 1727, he founded a group he called Junto.  This group was made up of like-minded men who discussed current issues.  The were avid readers and eventually started a lending library.  This lending library is believed to be the first in the U.S and is now a research library with over 500,000 books.

In 1731, he became a Mason, and quickly rose up the ranks to Grand Master.  He edited and published the first masonic book and remained a Free Mason his entire life.

At 17, he fell in love with Deborah Read and asked her to marry him.  Her mother declined and he left for London.  While Benjamin was gone, she married someone else who took her dowry and moved away.  Due to the laws at the time she was never able to remarry.  When Franklin came back they established a common law marriage.  They raised his illegitimate son, William and had two more children.

In 1750, Franklin published a proposal for an experiment to prove lightening is electricity by flying a kite in a storm, which led to the invention of the lightening rod. He also invented the Franklin Stove, bifocals, and the glass harmonica.

In 1736, he created one of the first volunteer firefighting companies, the Union Fire Company.  In that same year, he created new currency based on anti-counterfeiting techniques he came up with.  Benjamin Franklin did so much I’m simply going to just list some of them:

  1. First Post Master General
  2. Ambassador to France
  3. President of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society
  4. Developed his own, rather silly, alphabet
  5. Organized a local militia to defend the capital of Pennsylvania
  6. Founded the American Philosophical Society
  7. Speaker of the Pennsylvania House in 1764

He was also, of course, a founding father and on the committee that drafted the Deceleration of Independence.  He died at home in Philadelphia and nearly 20,000 people attended his funeral.  He is interred in Christ Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia.

I think everyone can agree, All babies need this:

Benjamin Franklin Is My Homeboy Infant Bodysuit

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Braid: After 43 years, the Alberta government isn't so easy to occupy

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:35

It’s a bit of a mess, this government changeover.

Rachel Notley’s New Democrats are struggling to get organized. For the PC government (yes, they’re still the government) and Premier Jim Prentice (right, he remains the premier), the job is to clean up, get out, and help with a smooth transition.

But Prentice himself seems to be involved only marginally. He quit the party leadership and even his riding on election night. He wasn’t at the legislature Friday, according to staff.

Notley might get herself sworn in quickly as premier, before her cabinet and MLAs. She could do that as early as next week. It would be a good idea. Somebody has to run the joint.

Former NDP Leader Brian Mason, who passed Notley the torch she turned into a province-wide bonfire, says he’s surprised Prentice withdrew so quickly.

The premier’s resignation as MLA before the many ballots were counted means “the poor people of Calgary-Foothills will have had three elections there in a year. Talk about voter fatigue.”

While some PCs are sympathetic to Prentice, others are furious at the string of decisions that brought down the regime and left the PC Party on the brink of irrelevance. They blame Prentice and his election team, including campaign manager Randy Dawson.

For the NDP, Mason says, the transition is “a massive undertaking, with a huge number of decisions to be made, many personal decisions, and lots and lots of people that need to be hired.”

There’s talk that senior officials with experience in NDP governments will be brought from other provinces, including B.C.

Mason, who’s sure to be offered a major cabinet job, says “the civil service is being very helpful and co-operative. I would expect no less. They’re professional people whose job is to make government function and carry out the policy of the elected people. They’re very good and that’s a big help.”

Getting the new government up and running is only one challenge. Another will be to start leveling the vast network of PC connections baked into every level of public life in Alberta.

The boards of every university and college, for example, are populated by party loyalists appointed by successive PC cabinets.

One vivid case is Doug Goss, the U of A board chairman, who just before the election said the rise of the New Democrats was “alarming.”

When Notley won, Goss reversed field and said it’s time to work with the new government. The board — including more PCs — confirmed him as chairman Friday.

But the government can rescind these board memberships at will. We’ll see how long the NDP tolerates the huge volume of PC appointees, including party donors, who often impose their corporate culture on funded organizations that have nothing to do with commerce.

Mason, echoing Notley, makes it clear the government won’t be hostile to private business. “We will be doing our best to offer a hand of co-operation,” he says. “We want business to do well. We want business to get a good return for their shareholders.

“There’s certainly no antagonism on our part. In fact, there’s a desire to co-operate. If that’s reciprocated, I think we have a very bright future.”

With a clean sweep of seats in Edmonton, and Notley herself from the Strathcona riding near the U of A, the government will have its strongest northern tilt since Ed Stelmach was premier from 2006-’11.

Partly because of that, Mason is delighted the NDP won 15 seats in Calgary.

“Calgary is the largest city in Alberta,” he says. “It’s bustling, dynamic and cosmopolitan. We recognize it’s also a major business and financial centre in western Canada.

“There’s going to be a real effort to make sure we are representing Calgary in the way it needs to be represented.”

Right now, though, the NDP’s struggle is to occupy the government it won. That’s not as easy as it sounds.

Don Braid’s column appears regularly in the Herald





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President Obama and the TPP

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:34

President Obama has been speaking out directly about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. Recently he has been speaking to his opponents on this issue who are almost always his allies. (Hint: Fellow Democrats.) Realize that President Obama was a college professor at the University of Chicago. He is no slouch intellectually, but….

Here is his argument against those who are opposing him. Ready? “They are wrong.” He even alludes to an argument that they are often in the same position that they are in now, so he is saying they have been historically wrong.

This is not much of an argument. In fact it is no argument at all, To make an argument, the President would have to say why they are wrong, but he cannot do that. Similarly political commentators are saying things like “Well Senator X and Senator Y are for it, so how bad can it be?” Is this how we are to run our democracy? Second hand? Oh, we can trust Senators to read bills. What their staff aren’t allowed into the room? The Senators have to read it themselves?

I have heard commentary about groups who have historically opposed such “trade deals.” None of these comments explain how it is that those groups were wrong before, let alone why they are wrong now. This is a simple smear campaign.

“We should be mad as Hell—shouting We Aren’t Going to Take it Any More!”

The truth of the matter is “free trade” is a hoax. It is perpetuated against weaker states by stronger states to protect the interests of the stronger states. No major economic power in existence now built their economy on free trade; they did it through protectionism. Consider Japan. Remember trying to sell American rice in Japan? American beef? American produce? American cars? Almost impossible. Japan built its economy up to be #2 in the world through protectionism. Consider China, the current #2 economy in the world … they are still doing it! We did all through the nineteenth and most of the twentieth centuries.

Okay, so free trade is a way of suppressing weaker economies by allowing our goods into their systems, keeping them from competing with our goods because they cannot possibly make our stuff as well or as cheaply as we do. Competition is stifled. (Economists call it the rule of comparative advantage.)

So, why all of the fuss if this free trade deal, the TPP, only protects “us”?

You have to look more closely at who “us” is. In this case, “us” isn’t American citizens, it is American businesses, which have taken our jobs overseas to use cheaper labor to make things they used to make here using American labor and paying American wages. You have noticed that we manufacture almost nothing any more? No furniture. No clothing. No radios. No TVs. No computers. No small appliances. (We invented much of this shit, you know; but we don’t make it any more.) No steel products, etc. This is why. Those jobs went overseas and then the goods produced more cheaply there are brought back here as “imports.” Instead of American companies making and exporting goods from here, they took their production overseas and became importers. (They joined the Chinese, effectively.)

The “us” behind this TPP “trade” deal are these very same corporations. And they don’t give a damn about you and me, so how the Hell does the TPP make our lives better? It doesn’t. It makes their lives better. (And 85% of the people doing the negotiating were corporation executives and lobbyists. Think they were thinking of you all the while they were crafting this thing?) More of our jobs will go overseas and the corporation’s profits made overseas do not need to have U.S. taxes paid on them. (Now do you see?) Even if they are American companies. As long as they don’t bring the money to America, they only pay the taxes of the countries they are doing from. And they want to do business in Viet Nam where workers make $0.56 per hour. (Imagine the tax rates Viet Name will offer these business to go there with the jobs they are bringing. Hell, New York State is offering business ten years without any state taxes to move there. I think you can see the Vietnamese will not be outbid in the effort to woo American companies to come to their country.)

And if you think this is a “trade deal,” you got that wrong, too. According to analysts who have seen the descriptions of the 27 some-odd sections of the TPP, only two (count ‘em two!) have to do with trade. The rest has to do with patent rights extensions and policing and assorted other benefits those companies want. (The Walt Disney Company (involved in the TPP) has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent any of its assets going into the public domain, which is the whole basis for patent protection—companies get legal patent protection; we get the public domain; that was always the deal; that is the deal!) Those provisions do not make trade easier. The make profits.

American jobs will be lost. Period. “Trade deals” like NAFTA and the Korean Trade Deal don’t work unless they do! We will have cheaper imports available (from Wal-Mart!) but we won’t buy them because our real incomes haven’t gone up in 40 years and we won’t be able to afford them.

And if you think this doesn’t affect you, think again. When people lose their jobs and can only get a lower paying job to replace it (Have you noticed that the average age of McDonald’s workers is near 30?), then those people will seek government support to get by. Do you realize how much government support Wal-Mart sucks out of us by paying poor wages? A study showed that each Wal-Mart Super Store costs taxpayers between $904,542 and $1.75 million per year for a total of almost $7 billion dollars per year of support for their low wage workers. (That figure by the way, is almost equal to the profits the Walton family extract from their business each year. Basically the Waltons got us to pay their profits!) Soon, many more companies will be doing likewise.

So, the real question is Why Is President Obama Supporting the TPP? Oh, that’s right he can’t tell us, it is secret. I wonder who made it secret? (Hint: His middle name is Hussein.)

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The People's Alliance of New Brunswick Use Language as a Weapon

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:32

On this blog I’ve tried to keep everything non-partisan. I don’t belong to any party and that is by choice. To me there is something fundamentally wrong with the concept of voting based on the card in my wallet. I am extremely skeptical politicians and political parties. Considering most of what they speak is disingenuous to begin with, when you join a political party you’re stuck in a situation where you’re treating your vote like you do your sports team. Win, lose, or draw, you still root for them. As far as I’m concerned this is not democracy.

That being said I’ve watched the language groups on Facebook get worked and molded in the past few months. When Dominic Cardy stirred up the bilingual busing debate by mentioning it on a CBC Panel, I had People’s Alliance supporters pointing out that it was Kris Austin who first brought up the policy in the comments of my article. I had to point out that I only gave Cardy credit because it was his mentioning of the issue that stirred on the subsequent firestorm of debate. When Kris Austin mentioned it, nothing came of it. Dominic Cardy’s adoption of the issue seemed to come directly after the CBC ran an article on Jason McBride’s Facebook group. Which tells me it was the Facebook group and the support it had that changed a politicians mind. That is lobbying in action.

When I wrote an article about the Horizon Health study that found hospitals were failing to provide services in patients language of choice, Wes Gullison of the People’s Alliance, tried to claim it was Kris Austin who first wanted to merge health authorities and not Dominic Cardy in the comments, which is not what I wrote at all. I had to clarify that I wrote that I wanted to do away with all health authorities, like Cardy proposed, and gave Austin a nod to his position of staffing based on demographics.

This type of “we were first” advocacy has influenced many people, and the People’s Alliance promotion of their parties stance in these groups, as well as inviting Jason McBride himself to speak at their convention, has many people convinced that the only way to bring about change is to vote for them. During May 8ths Solidarity Rally in Fredericton, Kris Austin gave a speech in which he reinforced this. In one section of his speech he denounced people on social media, like myself, who call for non-partisanship. He said that the only way to end duality is for people to donate money to his party, join their party and vote for them. This comment is what forced me to break my position of keeping this blog non-partisan, as it’s a direct challenge to people like me who wish to first inform people of the facts, and then lobby government in a non-partisan way to make change.

I wrote an article called “The Perversion of Language Rights in New Brunswick“. In it I detailed how Richard Hatfield reached out to the Québécois separatists fresh off their 1980 referendum. He was referred to Yves Dupre, who went on to mold a separate campaign platform for Acadian regions. Hatfield and Jean-Maurice Simard held Le Grand Ralliement in Shippigan in 1982. This was used for Dupre to poll Acadians on what they wanted to hear. It was a glorified focus group that allowed Hatfield to shape his Acadian platform. This was very successful, so successful in fact that from that point forward all politicians pandered to the Acadian vote. None more obvious than Bernard Lord. It’s also the mechanism that has seen many changes put forward in this province, which are not part of duality. They are political concessions made to secure support.

Kris Austin spoke of ending duality. Many others call for the ending of bilingualism, and both bilingualism and duality seem to be interchangeable. The problem is however that what upsets people is not part of either of these. The unfairness in the system, the discrimination, they have nothing to do with duality or bilingualism. So first we must define both terms properly so we understand what we’re referring to when we call for abolition of duality or bilingualism.


Official Bilingualism is a Federal statute. C-120, which was brought in by Pierre Trudeau as a result of a report on Bilingualism and Biculturialism commissioned by Lester B. Pearson. It requires the provinces to provide services in both official languages, and provide schooling in both official languages, where a threshold is met. Federal Official Languages Commissioner Graham Fraser states that the law is meant to make it so people who do not wish to learn either french or english do not have to. That is why the government provides services in both languages. That is all bilingualism means.


Duality in New Brunswick expands on the Federal statute, and scraps the threshold requirement. Meaning all services are provided in both official languages any where in the province, regardless if a threshold is met or not. The exception being, like Quebec, a child’s parents must have had schooling in french to attend a french school. Quebec requires the same for english.

Expansions on this, like a hiring policy requiring 39% of public servants to be bilingual, are not part of duality. They are the direct result of lobbying from french language groups, and politicians pandering for the Acadian vote. When David Alward reviewed the Official Languages Act, it was done behind closed doors with only these language groups consulted. During those consultations it was suggested that all police officers in New Brunswick should be bilingual. These are not requirements of duality. These are concessions for political gains, and it illustrates why groups like the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick ( SANB ) are so effective. As I wrote in my language rights article, the SANB aligned itself with the Parti Acadien in the 70’s. Portions of the Parti Acadien were calling for a separate province inside New Brunswick, others were calling for a separate Acadien Country inside New Brunswick. To keep their funding they distanced themselves from the Parti Acadien. Since then they have been non-partisan to my knowledge, so now some 50 years on, their President is invited to speak at the Federal Language Commission. They are a lobby group, and a powerful one.

Kris Austin has stated that if you vote for him, give his party money, join his party, then you’ll end duality in New Brunswick. However based on the actual definition of duality, he does not want to end duality. He is a supporter of duality. In the same CBC panel on bilingualism, Austin stated he wants to staff based on demographics, and he wants to provide services to francophones. Doing this would not violate duality. Yet claiming he wants to end duality in his speech was a rallying cry. People who are fed up with the disparity in the system and don’t know what bilingualism and duality actually mean, so when a politician like Austin stands up during a rally and claims he’s going to end duality it reverberates with them. These people are tired of not getting a government job because they don’t speak french. They are tired of wasting money on duplicating services. They are tired of the segregation in busing. Yet all those things are unequivocally not duality. They are concessions to francophone lobby groups. Concessions based on the very same tactic Kris Austin is using to rally these people to vote for his party, donate to his party and join his party.

That is why I am writing this article. Richard Hatfield in the 1980’s played the same game that Kris Austin is now. Hatfield used language as a weapon. It was wrong then, and it’s equally as wrong now. I do agree with much of the People’s Alliance’s platform. However the way in which they are attempting to manipulate people into supporting them and using language as a weapon with disingenuous claims of wishing to end duality, when in fact they support duality, it needs to be said. History is cyclical, and in New Brunswick we know this all too well. We’ve had the same political parties playing the same political roles for a hundred years. One gains power and makes ill-formed concessions to corporate interests while the other sits in opposition and cries foul. Then when the hats get reversed so do the messages. The Liberal opposition was opposed to the Irving forest deal. When they won office they decided to keep it. So it isn’t surprising that some thirty years after Hatfield started us down the road of weaponized language platforms the People’s Alliance are using the same tactics.

That’s not to say Kris Austin’s platform is wrong. I agree with a good portion of his language views. I want to see hiring done by demographics like he does. However I also want to see rural regions in charge of their hospitals like Cardy instead of merging our two Health Authorities. So I do fully support duality as defined above. I see no reason why we cannot provide services in french and schooling in french for the same price we do in english. It does not make logical sense that we spend more to school a child in french than we do in english, but we do. Duality if done correctly should not cost us extra. However language concessions for political support have made an environment in which duality does cost us extra money. Therefore it is not logical to think that following the exact same road that we started in the 80’s with Hatfield will lead us anywhere productive in 2015 with Kris Austin. Lobbying in a non-partisan way is how francophone groups won their concessions, and that is how you must win yours if you really want to bring about change.

Update; When this was shared on the Equal Rights for NB Facebook Group it was quickly removed by the administrators. When I asked them why, as it’s only critical of the People’s Alliance for their way of disseminating their message, and not the message itself, I was told the group is a language issues group. No reply was given when I pointed out this is a language issues article.

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Several big bonds, mayoral races on Saturday's ballot

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:30

[anvplayer video=”497826″]

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Saturday is election day. While May elections usually don’t have high voter turnout, there are several issues on the ballots across Central Texas. While most of the races are smaller races, there are still a few big issues on the ballot. We’ve listed some of the biggest ones below so you are prepared when you cast your ballot.

Mayoral Races 

Burnet: Milton Phair, Gary Wideman (Incumbent)

Johnson City: Dawn Capra (Incumbent), Tim Vasquez

Leander: Chris Fiedler (Incumbent), Dan Michie

Llano: Mayor Mike Virdell did not file to run again. Race is now between Mike Reagor and Sherry Simpson.

Manor: Rita G. Jonse (Incumbent), Todd R. Shaner

Several other local cities will be having elections to fill city council seats in Cedar Park, Lago Vista, Lakeway, Leander and West Lake Hills.

Bastrop County 

Due to a 30 percent population increase since 2000, Bastrop County officials say the need for an additional fire station is a dire one. County officials are hoping to pass a 1.5 percent sales tax increase to help fund a new fire station for Bastrop County ESD No. 1.

Eanes ISD Bond 

Voters will be able to approve or reject a $52.5 million bond that covers technology upgrades as well money to renovate and repurpose schools. Eanes ISD says this bond would not raise taxes.

Last May, voters turned down an $89.5 million bond.

Georgetown Bond 

Since January, Georgetown city officials have revised and provided recommendations for a $105 million bond for road improvements. The bond will cover projects to expand roads for expected growth and more traffic in the area.

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The Generally Confusing Election

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:29

Generally, my style as a blogger tends towards the simpler and lovelier things in my life; various travels, silly puns and a lot of idealistic photography.

However, in recent days, an event occurred that everyone, privately or publicly, has had an opinion on…The General Election. Now, for the most part, I try to avoid getting ‘blogged’ down in the black hole of comments and criticism any controversial topic on the internet receives. However recently, I have strongly felt that I should not resist writing about these things due to a fear of internet loudmouths. But I am not going to write about them just to get a reaction either. The General Election, and the public’s reaction to it, have fascinated me the past couple of weeks. This post is more about my own process of working out the politics of my country, addressing my own freedom of speech to an electoral result that, while it was the majority decision, has left many disappointed and disillusioned about the future. Also..Matt cartoons

After reading a lot of articles, engaging in many discussions with my flat mates, and reading some of the outraged status’ on Facebook, politics has been flying around my brain. Mainly due to the amount of information and opinions I encountered. And strangely, none of this wealth of information seemed to clarify anything for me. If anything, it left me more confused, frustrated and entirely distrusting; “The Tories raised our student fees..” “No, it was the Lib Dems who pushed that..” “First past the post is the worst system ever” “The NHS is going to be made private…” “David Cameron is a member of the Bullington Club, can’t trust a word” “Death to UKIP” “Our politicians can’t do anything.” “Our votes don’t even matter”. Just a few of the opinions I encountered during this process.



So I became considerably concerned that I place my little cross in the right place.

Now let me state a few things:
a) I am a bright, educated young woman at a top 10 university in the UK. Despite my position as an Arts student, I do not believe in ignorance and so I make an effort to hold myself to a standard of understanding about contemporary topics in my society and the wider world
b) I believe the act of voting is important and no one should abstain from it
c) I believe as a woman, voting is especially important. Women fought and died for our right to vote. Simple. Don’t disrespect that.
d) I also believe in human nature and the fact that people love to complain, love to be controversial and that whatever the outcome of the election had been, there would always be people on my news feed ranting and raving about how this country is going down the drain.
060515-MATT-web_3292799aSo what was I to do as the election loomed? I felt bombarded by policies, accusations, memes and information. None of it seemed very positive.  To my mind, it appeared the country had decided that there would be no good outcome (see point d). What I also noticed, especially amongst my generation, it that voting Tory is pretty unpopular. I suddenly felt guilty about my right-wing leanings and that has only increased since the results. Despite what people might publicaly say about the Conservatives, once they got to that poll booth, the majority of the country saw fit to keep the Tories in charge. So why should I feel guilty about my decision to vote for them? I feel I made this decision out of knowledge, out of an understanding of the options open to me and because I feel this party should be given another chance to continue what they have started to implement since 2010, although this time without the Lib Dems pushing their own priorities. I am not claiming to be an expert, but I should be able to be proud of the informed personal decision I made. I may never understand the intricacies of government, but I will not be running for parliament anytime soon (or ever). Yet the outrage at the results of our democratic process has worried me, particularly an article in the Independent and various comments from my own peers. Did I make the wrong decision? Is the predicted doom and gloom of our nation now foretold with the continuation of a Conservative agenda? The writers, the bloggers, the activists and the opinionated would have me lose all faith in our political system. A petition even popped up on Facebook stating ‘The 2015 General Election has shown once and for all that our voting system is broken beyond repair.’ It calls for a fairer system, a ‘more proportional voting system which ensures that seats in Parliament match the way people vote.’ I am once again highly confused. Surely the people did vote and the majority vote has won? I do not feel anyone asking this has explained how they would change it for the better (And Google only goes so far). All in all, the general feeling is pretty bleak for many.
080515-MATTLIBS-we_3296440aAnd finally, despite my stated belief, I am still surprised as to why people are so set to complain. We are incredibly lucky to live in a country that has democracy, resides in the top wealth bracket of the world, allows the freedom for internet trolls and campaigners to express their sometimes frustrating opinions, and a country that on the whole, has solid leaders not oppressing the people. Proportionally, the UK voting system is a far better one than many countries. Proportionally, it is not just a right to vote in this country but a privilege. And absolutely, I am grateful to live in a community which encourages us to vote. That we have that basic right. And despite the confusion, the inconsistency, and evene the hatred I might get for adding my voice to the post-election commentary, I revel in the freedom and right that I have to examine ideas and participate in the future of my country.

Politically yours (and perparing for trolls)

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Lawyer jokes

Latest Jokes - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:29
A gang of robbers broke into a lawyer's club by mistake. The old legal lions gave them a fight for their life and their money.

The gang was very happy to escape. "It ain't so bad," one crook noted. "We got $25 between us."

The boss screamed: "I warned you to stay clear of lawyers ... we had $100 when we broke in!"
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San Jose Sharks Extend Lease At SAP Center Through 2025

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:25

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – The San Jose Sharks will continue to call the SAP Center home for many more years to come, team officials said Friday.

The hockey team announced Friday they’ve reached an agreement with the city of San Jose to extend their lease, potentially through 2040.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo is set to discuss the terms of the agreement, along with the City Council, at a public hearing on May 19.

The Sharks have been at the SAP Center, also known as the Shark Tank, since it first opened in 1993. The current lease agreement between the city and the Sharks, amended in 2001, runs through June 30, 2018, team officials said.

According to the new deal, Sharks Sports and Entertainment will continue to manage and operate the city-owned SAP Center, with the Sharks playing their home games at the facility on a fixed-term through 2025. Then, beginning in 2026, the lease will renew on an annual basis through the year 2040, team officials said.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to reach an agreement with the city of San Jose to keep the Sharks where they belong—in downtown San Jose,” Sharks Sports and Entertainment Majority Owner, Hasso Plattner said in a statement. “I love this arena and this is the only place we want to call home.”

“Since its opening two decades ago as the home of San Jose Sharks, the SAP Center has consistently ranked amongst the busiest indoor sports and entertainment facilities in the country,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said in statement.

“The Sharks are a major tenant to our downtown, generating millions in economic development for our city and their success is paramount as we plan for the future,” Liccardo said.

© Copyright 2015 by CBS San Francisco and Bay City News Service. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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True Politics - a poem

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:25

True Politics:
The People
The Government.
The Government

True politics:

My ideology is poisoned

Get it a bucket,

It’s hair is falling out in hand full.

I’m crying into a bowl of government cheese.

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World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:19

So this will be where I am posting all my political views from now on.

The election has left me full of anger, fear and disappointment. I’ve been posting a few thoughts on this on Facebook however I don’t particularly enjoy that platform and it is full of people who I don’t actually really like all that much so hopefully I will have some more joy here. Hopefully tomorrow I will have my first proper post listing a few thoughts about the election and where we need to go next.

Here’s to a new politics of hope.

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When the German Wolf and the Russian Bear Join Forces… It’ll Shake the World

World politics news from blogosphere - Sat, 05/09/2015 - 06:17

00 The Bear is Back. 31.10.12 (2)




Russian and German people have lots in common. They are similar in their spirit, their values, and their views of life. Unfortunately, in the past they’ve been divided and forced into confrontation. They’ve been set apart and made enemies. Fortunately, with the beginning of a new era, these two great nations have a chance to come together and change the world for the better. A global awakening would help people to realise that humanity has a common enemy… the Dark Directors, who organise all the wars and revolutions in the world, but always stay behind the scene. They’re “nomads”, ones who “proliferate around the world as a malignant tumour metastases”.



This is V V Putin’s vision… of a Eurasia stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, embracing the entire North of the World Island. No… he doesn’t want to “restore the USSR”… he isn’t thinking in such picayune terms. He wants a Eurasia cleansed of foreign Anglo American contamination. I think that he can do this. THAT is why the Anglos (and their demented collaborationist allies amongst us) fear… that they’re going to be restricted to the Angloshere… not the leading element in the world, but only one of many… Eurasia, the Ummah, Eastasia, l’Afrique Noire, Latin America, and the Hindosphere. I welcome a multipolar world… I’m not alone…


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