Know what ails your motor with GL1 and an iPhone

iPhone users, did you understand that it is simple and inexpensive to plug into your car's to understand the engine diagnostic codes?. For $ 100, an auto owner can purchase GoPoint Technology's GL1 cable, which runs from the Apple machine to the engine diagnostic port. Popular Mechanics writes the free software that comes with the GL1 cable makes decoding motor computer messages simple.

Understanding beforehand due to GoPoint's GL1

GoPoint has its new GL1 cable marketed as "a personal mechanic riding next to you." That is exactly what it does too. Getting an engine scan costs you a fee usually. Now, when you have the right gadget and also the GL1 cable, you can do it whenever you need for a one-time fee. The GL1 cable also doubles as a system charger, so it is unnecessary to carry around the extra cords. Your OBD-II data port is where it is plugged in to scan your engine. At the same time you can scan your Apple device. If you don't know where your car's OBD-II port is, take a look at your car's owner's manual.

What you get for cash with the GoPoint GL1:

  • A GL1 cable is what you get. It will look for motor trouble when charging your device
  • Repair and diagnostic software will repair your vehicles. Works with most makes and models of vehicles because of trouble codes
  • Free data logging software that enables you to track your vehicle's performance over time and advise you as to how to change your driving style to achieve maximum engine performance. According to GoPoint, such software usually costs $50 per year, per car
  • An additional "smart charger" for your Apple devices

Get cash back after 30 days with the guarantee

The GL1 will entirely satisfy you, which GoPoint has decided will always be the case. That's why the company offers a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction. Customers can return the GL1 after 30 days of trying out the product if they aren't satisfied. GoPoint will give a 100 percent refund without asking any questions.

Want more info on the GL1 motor diagnostic cable and software? Check out gopointtech.com to discover it. You may want this tool. In fact, each and every vehicle owner should have it.

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