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3G or 3rd generation is the latest wireless high speed internet solution. Its predessor 2G couldn't meet the wireless highspeed internet requirements of current day applications which resulted in 3g.

3G makes high speed mobile Internet access a reality which makes possible instant data upload , download, video calls and TV reception from mobile devices. From hardware side many Mobile phone model are increasingly available with 3G and Wifi support. High end phone models give GPS option too which is a bless while travel . Latest Iphones are offered with 3G.

Recent 3G adoptions provide mobile broadband internet access of several Mbit/s to smartphones and mobile modems ( data card ) . Most of the Internet service providers regardless of GSM or CDMA ( cdma evdo ) provides 3G service both as prepaid and postpaid options. Though some mobile solution providers gives better offers in postpaid connections . Newplan / offers are thrown every day and the 3g / 2g tariff are getting low day by day because of stiff competition from solution providers . Many wireless mobile solution providers are offering unlimited broadband internet connection too.