Filter Duplicate Data with Free program | Duplicate Data Remover

Filter duplicate data with our free program, you may use the program as you like for personal and commercial use (commercial use is allowed provided we appreciate a link back to t

Face Recognition in Videos with OpenCV — OpenCV 3.0.0-dev documentation

Whenever you hear the term face recognition, you instantly think of surveillance in videos.

Apple iPad Mini at starting price of $329

apple ipad mini image showing its palm size

Samsung Galaxy S3 Full Specifications, Images, Videos

Images of samsung galaxy s3

Upward mobility simpler is some states

People in northern East Coast states normally have a better chance at upward mobility, according to a new study, which is the first of its kind. Source of article:

Microsoft Sharepoint Server

What is Sharepoint and Sharepoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint is a family of software products developed by Microsoft for collaboration, file sharing and web publishing. This family of products include: Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, Microsoft Search Server, Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Microsoft SharePoint Workspace.

How to Check BSNL 3G Data Balance / Usage

3G usb Mobile modems ( 3G data cards ) are latest trend which is unavoidable for dataconnectivity during travel. 3G Data Card prices are coming day by day. Bsnl largest mobile service provider in India have attractive offers and even unlimited data offers for 3g, but still most of users prefer limited connections. Finding BSNL 3G data balance was not easy from datacard until now. Recently bsnl made 3G data usage balance check more easy. Read more to find how to check bsnl 3G data usage balance.

3G Data Cards

3G usb modems ( 3G data cards ) are getting increasingly popular which is a bless while travel. 3G Data Cards are becoming low cost day by day.


3G or 3rd generation is the latest wireless high speed internet solution. Its predessor 2G couldn't meet the wireless highspeed internet requirements of current day applications which resulted in 3g.

Oct job openings statement cheers financial perspective

In October more career opportunities became accessible within the U.S. since the fall of 2008.

Know what ails your motor with GL1 and an iPhone

iPhone users, did you understand that it is simple and inexpensive to plug into your car's to understand the engine diagnostic codes?.

Google Earth Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein, South Africa satellite maps

Google Earth 3d view/ aerial satellite map view/ hybrid satellite maps/ road map of bloemfontein south africa free state stadium

Nokia Sues Apple A Second Time

Nokia Sues Apple ... Again

In the market, Nokia and Apple are the two siblings that just can't seem to get along. For years, Nokia has sued Apple over multiple years and issues. In response, Apple has been counter-suing Nokia. What’s the issue? The companies have invested online cash loans – over 40 billion dollars worth. So what is the newest move in this chess game?

Google Earth

Google Earth adalah sebuah dunia virtual 3d, peta, geografis sistem informasi yang diberikan sebagai layanan gratis dan berbayar layanan dengan pencarian mesin raksasa Google.

Download ISRO Bhuvan, an Indian challenge to Google Earth

Bhuvan, (भुवन: is a word in Sanskrit meaning Earth, does it point some thing) is a satellite mapping tool similar to Google Earth and Wikimapia. It is developed by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) an important figure in World space market with several successful satellit missions including recent successful satellite launch to Moon named mission Chandrayan means mission to mooon.

isro bhuvan full screen shot showing 3d view of India from angle

more info about isro's useful software (isrobhuvan) follows.

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