Verification of accuracy of Geographical Area Calculator

Here we will verify the accuracy of the Geographical/land/plot/region Area calcultor tool, usage of which is explained in this post. We will start with a small area and then go to the more spacious structures for area measurement
Let us start with Washington monument in Washington, it has a 17*17 sq meter base, so the area is 289 square meter, when measured with our tool, the area obtained is 291 square meters, we can say that its a reasonable result considering the time spent for measurement (less than a minute). Continue reading, you can see that the pyramid of Giza area is correctly calculated by this tool. At the end of reading, please spare some time and comment on your views about this tool

Washington Monument

washington monument in washington

Washington monument marked in the satellite maps geographical tool for area measurement

washington monument structure base area 17x17 , 282 sq m

Local Weather Forecast India

Local Weather of India small flag of India . Follow read more to view India live weather forecast on Google satellite maps.

谷歌卫星地图 印度 (India)

谷歌卫星地图 印度 小国旗 印度 . 按照阅读更多 谷歌查看 印度 的卫星地图。

Google Satellite Maps of India

Google satellite maps of India small flag of India . Follow read more to view India Google satellite maps.

Converter Money Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee is currency used in India

Indian Rupee Money Exchange

Mount Kailash Images, Videos

Images can be seen in the 3D image browser, videos can be seen either in 3D video browser, or direct

World Chess Championship 2012 Game Videos

World chess championship 2012 players, Games and Game analysis videos

Vishwanathan Anand Retains the title winning in Tie-breaker Rapid Games

Vishwanathan Anand is World Chess champion for the Fifth time. Anand won the world chess title for the fourth championship, altogether five titles in the Tie-breaker rapid games. The tiebreaker became necessary when both players shared 6-6 points after predefined 12 classical games.

vishanathan anand in world chess championship 2012 tie breaker rapid game play

Viva Anand, he has won the World chess title for India, the Birth place of Chess, for the fifth time. Yet it seems that the media in India have not covered the World chess Championship exclusively, while giving excessive media coverage to a Cricket league match (for those who don't know, Cricket is a lazy man's game played in around 10 countries mostly in British common wealth countries), not surprising considering Cricket is the most popular game in India.

Since India does not have many international quality sport persons, it is high time Indian Media and Government should think serious about giving due respect to a India's best sports person and a true world champion.

How to Check BSNL 3G Data Balance / Usage

3G usb Mobile modems ( 3G data cards ) are latest trend which is unavoidable for dataconnectivity during travel. 3G Data Card prices are coming day by day. Bsnl largest mobile service provider in India have attractive offers and even unlimited data offers for 3g, but still most of users prefer limited connections. Finding BSNL 3G data balance was not easy from datacard until now. Recently bsnl made 3G data usage balance check more easy. Read more to find how to check bsnl 3G data usage balance.

3G Data Cards

3G usb modems ( 3G data cards ) are getting increasingly popular which is a bless while travel. 3G Data Cards are becoming low cost day by day.

Google Earth Qutub Minar, Delhi Satellite maps

Google Earth 3d view/aerial satellite map view/hybrid satellite maps/road map of Qutub Minar, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Haryana, India

Google earth Tajmahal

Google earth map view of Taj mahal in India

Click respective buttons to get map view / satellite map / hybrid satellite map view / earth map view.

Google Earth Satellite map view of Gateway of India, Bombay (Mumbai)

Google earth Bombay Gate way of India

satellite view of gateway of india bombay
google earth view of gateway of india bombay

Google earth view and satellite map view of mumbai, gate way of India. inorder to view google earth view, click on the google earth button. google earth plugin is required for 3D view, it will be prompted to install when you click Google earth tab

Download ISRO Bhuvan, an Indian challenge to Google Earth

Bhuvan, (भुवन: is a word in Sanskrit meaning Earth, does it point some thing) is a satellite mapping tool similar to Google Earth and Wikimapia. It is developed by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) an important figure in World space market with several successful satellit missions including recent successful satellite launch to Moon named mission Chandrayan means mission to mooon.

isro bhuvan full screen shot showing 3d view of India from angle

more info about isro's useful software (isrobhuvan) follows.

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