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Vishwanathan Anand Retains the title winning in Tie-breaker Rapid Games

Vishwanathan Anand is World Chess champion for the Fifth time. Anand won the world chess title for the fourth championship, altogether five titles in the Tie-breaker rapid games. The tiebreaker became necessary when both players shared 6-6 points after predefined 12 classical games.

vishanathan anand in world chess championship 2012 tie breaker rapid game play

Viva Anand, he has won the World chess title for India, the Birth place of Chess, for the fifth time. Yet it seems that the media in India have not covered the World chess Championship exclusively, while giving excessive media coverage to a Cricket league match (for those who don't know, Cricket is a lazy man's game played in around 10 countries mostly in British common wealth countries), not surprising considering Cricket is the most popular game in India.

Since India does not have many international quality sport persons, it is high time Indian Media and Government should think serious about giving due respect to a India's best sports person and a true world champion.

Viswanathan Anand Wins - Becomes World Chess Champion For Fifth Time

Viswanathan Anand Win World Chess Title for Fifth Time

viswanathan anand playing a casual game

30th May 2012 Moscow
: Viswanathan Anand Won the World Chess Title for another time. This is fifth time Anand is becoming FIDE World Chess champion, consecutive fourth time. After the 12 classic matches were drawn 6-6 with one white win for each player, the result was decided by tiebreaker of 4 Rapid Games. The player who wins 2.5 points in these matches will be the champion. Anand won the second rapid game with white and drew other games, to retain the title. 

Anand Gelfand World Chess 2012 - Anand Won 8th Match with a stunning 17 move win

World Chess Championship 2012: Eighth game between Indian GM Viswanthan Anand and Israel Grand master Boris Gelfand started at Moscow on 21st May 2012 at 3pm Moscow time.Being defeated by Gelfand in the previous game (7th), which was Gelfand's first classical win against Anand after 19 long years, and only five more games remaining in the championship, tension had mounted on Anand. Nevertheless Anand came with fine attacking game which was exciting and won over Gelfand in just 17 moves.

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Anand Gelfand World Chess 2012 - Gelfand Won 7th Match and Leads - Game Moves and Analysis

World Chess Championship 2012: Seventh match between Indian GM Viswanthan Anand and Israel Grand master Boris Gelfand started at Moscow on 20th May 2012 at 3pm Moscow time.For Gelfand's d4 opening, Anand preferred his favorite slav defence, Game progressed to a normal middle game. The game position at 14th move seen as in the below image.

world chess championship 2012 seventh game opening position after 14 moves

At middle game the situation got worsoned for black and soon progressed in to a decisive end game favored towards white. In the end game Gelfand didn't make any mistakes and Won the game ending the 19 year draught of not able to win a single classical game against Anand.

Now the World match is going to be excited after 6 consecutive drawn games in the first 6 games half, Anand need to win in coming 6 matches to keep his crown afloat.

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