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* Stopping during desert safari for viewing sunset
desert safari dubai photograph

*image courtesy Flickr.com and its vibrant community and its members

Images, Videos, Google Earth 3d view/aerial satellite map view/hybrid satellite maps/road map of Global Village Dubai, United Arab Emirates follows

Location of Global Village in Dubai
where in dubai global village located

Location of global village/ Dubai/ United Arab Emirates in World map
where global village, Dubai - United Arab Emirates located in world map

Dubai/ Global Village Images

(Global Village en Dubai,القرية العالمية في دبي ,全球村迪拜,Global Village Dubaï,Global Village-Dubai,Παγκόσμιο Χωριό του Ντουμπάι,Global Village דובאי,Globális falu Dubaj,ग्लोबल विलेज दुबई,Desa global Dubai,Villaggio globale-Dubai,グローバル·ビレッジドバイ
,글로벌 빌리지 두바이,Global landsby Dubai, جهانی روستای دبی ,Globalna wioska Dubaj, A Global Village Dubai,Satul global Dubai,Глобальная деревня Дубай, Global Village en Dubai,Globala byn Dubai, โกลบอลวิลเลจดูไบ, Ngôi làng toàn cầu Dubai,عالمی گاؤں دبئی ,વૈશ્વિક ગામ દુબઇ, குளோபல் வில்லேஜ் துபாய்,గ్లోబల్ విలేజ్ దుబాయ్,ಗ್ಲೋಬಲ್ ವಿಲೇಜ್ ದುಬೈ)

* Dubai old beach road in 1999 photos
Tour around Dubai on the Big Bus

* Dubai Mosque

* Knowledge Village

* Dubai photograph
Tour around Dubai on the Big Bus- Red bus route

* Bumper to bumper image
Dhows parked abreast on Dubai Creek

* Global Village River Walk at night photograph

* Dubai, UAE picture

* Dubai Creek distant shot photograph
Views of Dubai Creek & City

* Driving on Sheikh Zayed Road live image
Just leaving the Dubai Marina area. Approaching Sheikh Zayed Road heading towards Bur Dubai.

* Dubai twin towers
Tour around Dubai Red bus route showing twin towers in dubai, one of the most photographed landmark in world which contains, malls, hotels, office space and near to ship building center
* photographs courtesy Flickr.com and its vibrant members

Dubai Global Village Videos from Youtube

Amazing Slingshot, Dubai Shopping Festival, Global Village, Dubai

Amazing Slingshot, Dubai Shopping Festival, Global Village, Dubai

Guinness World Records Pavillion at Global Village, Dubai - Promotional Video

November 2008 saw the opening of the Guinness World Records Pavilion at Global Village, Dubai. For the very first time, anywhere in the world this provided the 4.5m visitors to the event the opportunity to train for, attempt and in many cases break a genuine Guinness World Record! Over the 102 event over 1m people visited the pavilion and it was one of the most popular attractions at the event. In total a staggering 56 new world records were set. Check out the video to find out more and then visit www.guinnessworldrecords.com to see what records you can break!


Rides and Games on Dubai Global Village 2010. The Camera is handheld....

global village dubai,Pakistan pavilion-06-02-2009

we friends ( Kaleem ,Adnan Majeed & Asif Shahzad )( PTCL-Etisalat Staff ) all from Multan Pakistan visited Global Village Dubai on 6 feb 2009.

Global Village - DUBAI STATION (S01E05)

The Global Village is located in Dubailand, basically it's a place where puts most countries in one place to bring them together to show you their heritage, culture, architecture, arts and crafts, cuisine, merchandise and unique lifestyle. its fun fun fun =D www.globalvillage.ae

Dubai Global Village

A night out in Dubai global village with fireworks and a ride on the ferris.

Global Village Dubai

A video made during my trip to Global Village, Dubai. Great weather and a great evening out.

global village - dubai

global village in dubai form gaint wheel

Global Village - Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 Part 1 / 2

In this video you will see Lebanon Dance and African Dance.

Global Village - Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 Part 2 / 2

In this video you will see Turkey Dance and Yemen Dance.