Brainwave Computing Interface Technology (BCI)

Brain wave computing is a newest technology avatar in which a sensor fitted inside head or outside senses brain waves

McAfee states phones will be main target of hackers

Smartphones and smart phones fit our modern pace like a glove. Having access to the Internet at all times and all places seems almost essential in this ever more technical world.

Be Alert, You may be spied from your own Mobile Phone

Cellphone spying explained

image describes cell phone spying software functioning

Be Alert, Nowadays there are many sites which gives paid service for spying cellphones.
Read rest of the story and be aware about this new threat...

Free, Safe and Useful Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets are free tiny applications embeddable in web pages.

Above is screen shot of google gadget which allows to read 34 extremely useful mobile related feeds from a limited space. Useful for people and users who like to get updated about latest trends in mobile technology.This google gadget allows to read 34 great mobile feeds with out page load by using ajax technology.

Click more to get some very Useful Google gadgets like this.

To get code for embedding these gadgets on to your web pages, click on live preview, which will redirect to Google's creator page, from there one can customise gadget and get code for embedding that particular gadget in to any web page.

Google users can add these gadgets to their igoogle page, for this click on add to google icon, and follow instructions.

Upward mobility simpler is some states

People in northern East Coast states normally have a better chance at upward mobility, according to a new study, which is the first of its kind. Source of article:

Free things in your hotel room

Free stuff is always great, specifically when you're staying in a hotel.

One in five properties is underwater

An estimated 22.8 percent of properties, over 11 million homes, are underwater. That means almost one fourth of homeowners owe the bank over their house is worth on the market.

One in five property owners has an underwater mortgage

An estimated 22.8 percent of houses, more than 11 million houses, are underwater. That means almost a quarter of homeowners owe the bank more than their property is worth on the industry.

Increased water bills are likely coming

Water is perhaps the one source many people ignore. The price of it is getting crazy in some places, as some people have crazy water bills that are practically draining them dry.

Hair Transplant Delhi

Auto hair transplantation is a unique hair reconstruction technology, and the only technology available today capable of successfully combatting androgenetic hair loss.

Oregon Jobs

Whether you're looking for a career to pursue, or just want to get a feel for occupations in the state, the table below should be helpful. And we haven't seen anything like it from anyone else.

Mobile phones and Internet are too important to cut

A new poll asks what we are not willing to surrender saving money. It seems the majority of us will keep out technology, even in a recession. Cellular and the Internet have grown to be vital to us in this technological age.

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