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dead_sea_satellite Maps view

dead sea marked for area measurement in kilometer square

World Chess Championship 2012 Game Videos

World chess championship 2012 players, Games and Game analysis videos

Viswanathan Anand Videos

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Anand vs Gelfand Game 3 - Chess World Championship 2012 - Match Moves and Analysis

third game of world chess championship 2012 resulted in draw with final position in this image

Third game of 2012 World Chess Championship match between Viswanthan Anand and Boris Gelfand took place on May 14 2012 and resulted in a  draw after 37 moves in 14 minutes. In a closely fought game, both the players had chances. In a double rook ending , even though having an  extra pawn advantage, Anand couldn't convert that to a win. 

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Jet Li Action Superstar Images, Youtube Videos

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Google earth satellite map view of Gaza strip

Google earth satellite map view of Gaza strip. To see in 3d Earth view click, earth tab in satellite map

gaza strip

location of gaza strip

aerial photo vs google earth
aerial photo vs google earth

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