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Measure area of a plot, land, geographical region using Google mapping technology, Fast, easy and powerful. This Google Maps Area Calculator tool allows to Instantly calculate area of open, aerial visible plots. Accuracy up to ~50 square meter (+/- 0.01 Acre) is possible on a level land.

What is the Use of Google Maps Area Calculator Tool (Planimeter)

The usage of Google Maps Area Calculator Tool (Planimeter) is wast, the tool can be used to measure area of building plots, garden, construction lands, geographical region, foundation area of buildings, base area of structures, rocks, lawn area, parking spot area, play ground area (like archery range,shooting range, football ground,tennis ground,cricket ground,rugby field, golf course, beach volley ball,open air skate boarding), run up /warm up/exercise ground area, stadium area, open space area, open Square area, roof top area (terrace area), farm house area, Hotel area, resort area, theme park/water park area, fort area, sea beach area, sun bath space area, sea port area, fishboat bay/ fresh water bay/ salt water bay area, water logged area, agricultural area(paddy fields,wheat fields,sugarcane fields,corn fields,grape fields), cultivated area, uncultivated land area, agricultural wastage area, bus stand/bus station area, rail station area, rail track area, air port area, air plane hangar area, run way area, racing course/ racing track area, community park area, town area, city area estimate, area of industries (industrial area), industrial plant area, industrial wastage area, hurricane affected area, sea destroyed area (like tsunami affected area),sea eroded area, open package area,container terminal area, open dispatch area, open packing area, open filling area, open mine fields area, mountain area etc.

Also this satellite maps Area measurement tool (planimeter) will be helpful for rough and quick area estimate of countries, towns, cities, rivers, lakes, islands, deserts, continents, water channels, deserted/ abandoned lands (like dam sites, volcano eruption destroyed, nuclear accident disaster affected, chernobyl for example, war/riot ridden, flood, avalanche affected), industrial usage, industrial wastage, polluted land, mining, mining wastage, agricultural land usage, agricultural wastage, pest affected land area, climate/natural hazard affected land area, construction,construction wastage, parking, parking wastage, total area of comfort zones in a city (for example community parks, sports grounds, racing fields, open squares, worship, pilgrim spots, exercise/ warm up, festival, exhibition grounds),water logged, water polluted,subscription/circulation (in terms of area of coverage) etc.

Area Calculator Tool | Measured Area | Help

How to Use Google Maps Area Calculator Tool

Steps involved for using Google Maps Area Calculator Tool are simple, Steps involved are graphically explained at the bottom of Map. As first step, locate the region, for this, search a nearest landmark, known structure, or nearest place to your plot in the search box provided, results are shown immediately while typing it selves. Select a n appropriate nearby place from the populated result box. Map will immediately auto zoom to the location selected.

Next zoom to the land/plot. For this left mouse click and drag/browse with the maps to the place where the plot is located. Also you may use zoom in out using mouse scrolling to accurately locate the place to measure.

Next Highlight the plot to measure. For this, draw an overlay in the map over the region of interest using the circle,rectangle, polygon, polyline drawing tools provided, Once the region of interest is drawn, instantly, the area of the selected region is measured and calculated results are shown in the results section. The area measurements are available as in square foot,square meters, cents, acres (acreage), hectres, square kilometers, square miles

Area Measurement Results

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Area in cents
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Area in Hectre

Area in square Kilometers

Area in square miles

Area Calculator Tool | Measured Area | Help

Google Maps Area Calculator Tool (Planimeter)

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Area Calculator Tool | Measured Area | Help

Graphical Help | Google Maps Area Calculator Tool

Various tools available in Geographical Area Measurement Finder is expalined below.

Search for a place using "place search tool"

geographical area finder place search tool

For marking a region use the geographical marker toolbox on top of the map. There are tools like rectangle, circle, polyline, polygrid to mark suitably

geographical area finder tools menu

Change color of a selected region by choosing one color from color bar below

geographical area finder color selector

Delete all marked locations by clicking "Clear all points" button

geographical area finder delete all overlay objects

Delete a particular marked location by selecting its colored region and clicking "Delete Selected Shape" button

geographical area finder delete select overlay button

The calculated area is shown in the portion above satellite map

geographical area finder area results

Area Calculator Tool | Measured Area | Help