Local Weather Forecast Jordan

Local Weather of Jordan small flag of Jordan . Follow read more to view Jordan live weather forecast on Google satellite maps.

Google Maps Satellite de Jordan

Satellite Google maps des Jordan petit drapeau de Jordan . Suivez lire plus pour visualiser les cartes Google Jordan satellite.

谷歌卫星地图 约旦 (Jordan)

谷歌卫星地图 约旦 小国旗 约旦 . 按照阅读更多 谷歌查看 约旦 的卫星地图。

Google Satellite Maps de Jordan

Mapas de satélite do Google de Jordan small flag of Jordan .Siga ler mais para ver mapas do Google por satélite.

Google Satellite Maps of Jordan

Google satellite maps of Jordan small flag of Jordan . Follow read more to view Jordan Google satellite maps.

Rate Exchange Jordanian Dinar

Jordanian Dinar is currency used in Jordan

Jordanian Dinar Exchange Conversion

Adele Youtube Videos Most Viewed

* Adele performing in  Seattle  2011

* Adele 21 Album Cover
I haven't uploaded new covers almost a month, so during the evening I made 3 covers for Adele's "21". This ablum is so amazing, and now, I understand why people keep buying it on iTunes. 
So, this is my the most favorite work I did during the evening! I really love the color and it was so difficult to make the background, because of her hair, but I'm proud of it. Hope you like it!
* Images courtesy and its vibrant members

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Google Earth Petra, Jordan Satellite maps

Google Earth 3d view/aerial satellite map view/hybrid satellite maps/road map of Petra, Jordan

Google Earth Amman, Jordan Satellite map view

city of amman, jordan's capital image

Amman (pronounced /ɑːˈmɑːn/; Arabic: عمّان‎, ʿAmmān) is the capital and largest city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. A city of about 2 million inhabitants , it is the Jordan's political, cultural and commercial centre and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Dead Sea Sink hole

There are sub surface cavities called the Dead sea sinkhole mostly in and around the western shore of Dead sea , which possibly are caused by incoming fresh water dissolving salt layers just beneath the surface of dead sea banks.

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