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Google Earth Burj Khaifa Tower, world's tallest building

Burj Khalifa Skyscaper, Dubai(دبي) image (Tower of Burj Khalifa former Burj Dubai tower)

dubai burj al arab

Google Earth view image of Burj Khalifa (برج سكيسكابير برج خليفة), created from Google earth map embedded below.

google earth image of burj dubai tower

Google Earth Taipei 101

if google earth plugin is not installed in your browser, you will be prompted to install google earth. The center point is taipei 101, with full zoom.

Taipei 101 Facts: Taipei 101, Taiwan, official tallest skyscaper in the world

Some facts about Taipei 101, tallest skyscaper in world,follows.

main tuned damper in taipei 101.
main tuned damper in taiwan's taipei101,taipei.
tai pei 101 at night view

Taipei 101 Google street view

Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei 101
Attractive google street views of Taipei 101 building. Taipei 101 (traditional Chinese: 台北101 / 臺北101) is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan.You can see attractive surrounding view of Taipei, Taiwan too.

Taipei, Taiwan - Taipei 101

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